I'm so bloomin happy


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Have been miserable for the last few days because work have been getting me down due to not listening to my requests and not valuing me and my commitment.
Anyway I have just been asked today to join a new team.
At the moment I work on the phones and have had enough of rude customers but this new job involves building a knowledge base similar to google for internal work use.
I have wanted to be on a this team since they started last year and now I have got it.
I am beaming
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CONGRATULATIONS bb, that's wonderful news, I'm sooo pleased for you

Having worked on the phones many years ago I know how depressing it can be, no wonder you're sooo chuffed :D
Spot on BB, Im dancing with ya!!!!!!!!

Well done hun x
Hi Lisa,

I am just so happy for you!!!

Congratulations and well done:D :D :D

Things are looking mighty good for you!!!

Love Mini xxx
Well done and congratulations that's fantastic news.