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I'm so cold

I know the weather isn't great at the moment but I am feeling so cold :winter_brr: I have the heating turned up and have a jumper and my cosy cardi on and yet I just can't seem to warm up. I'm getting really close to wrapping myself up in my duvet! I can't get motivated to get up and make a start on the daily 'chores' - which I know would get me moving and ultimately warm me up!! Is this a side effect of ketosis?
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hoping for a good loss
It certainly is a side effect.

Just think, you are cold but losing loads of weight.

Keep it up and just wrap up warm. I am always cold and my husband and I have a running battle with the thermostat lol


This is the last time!!
I could have written that myself! Admittedly it is very cold here in Germany - more flipping snow overnight, grrrrrrrr, but I am sat in jeans, t shirt and a fleece. I have a fleece blanket over me and am as close to the radiator (on number 4) as I can be without actually sitting ON it!


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im bloomin freezing aswell and yest my fingers were actually blue lol spoke to my cdc and she said because our bodies are only getting very low amount of calories theres not enough calories to keep us warm :)
Im always cold!! Some days my lips and hands start to turn blue!! You do get used to it x x
Thank you. I might feel like that when I have finished. Still got a while to go yet!! x x
aye I remember the amount of hot baths I took during the evening and loaded up on huge thermal socks... your weight loss is so amzing as said. Keep warm!!


please try again
layers, its all about the layers, lol

base layers are great, get em in hiking/ sports shops, have even seen them in tk maxx
im in normal undies, a pair of the lycra shorts for under dresses, base layer tshirt and leggins, jogging bottoms, long sleeved top, elbow length top, fleece and 3 pairs of socks!


hoping for a good loss
roll on summer time

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