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I'm so embarassed. Only week 2 and I messed up already!

Welll I am now into week 3. (I weigh in on thursdays.) I completed week 1 and lost 9lbs. By Saturday (on week 2) I started picking at bits of chicken and on Monday or Tuesday night Im' not sure which day it was, I picked so much that I ate half a chicken breast. I was so upset with myself and scared that I may have ruined my weight loss that I done a workout video and 30 mins on the elliptical cross trainer the next day. If that was it I would have been fine, but later that day after speaking to my CDC about taking medicine with sucrouse for my sore throat and she confirmed that nearly all medicine had some kind of sugar in. I saw it as a green flag to go and binge on any and everything since ketosis would be broken anyway. I knew at the time that it was a stupid thing to do but I was so greedy I just gave in. I talked to my CDC about it but I was so embarssed that I only admitted to 1 bad day. The truth is I have been eating right up untill today as every day I start off with the intention of starting again but end up giving up and saying I'll start tommorow. I have had full 5 days off the diet and as you can imagine I have been eating the most unhealthy and fattenig things. I feel like such a faliure. I am going on holiday in two weeks time and have two weddings to go to and I know that I will be feeling awful about my myself.

By the way I lost 2lbs last weigh in which was Thursday but I have eaten so much I am sure I have put back on more than the 2lb within tha last three days.
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Hi, i'm where you are now hun and know how you feel. I'm on week 5 and was doing ok until Saturday afternoon when i started eating and haven't stopped yet! tommorow is D day and i will be back on sole source, i have to do this! look how well you've done, you can do it and we both know it works. Lets get our backsides into gear and sole source tomorrow together! how great we will feel after we get through the first few days! x
Thanks Maz35. I really needed to hear some kind encouraging words. Thanks for replying. I am going to wipe the slate clean and start all over again tommorow. Hopefully it will be easier to start tommorow since I will be busy at work. Let' keep each other posted

By the way you look great in the pictures in the gallery. I don't think you need to worry about having a few bad days. And have you lost that 18.5 lbs in just 5 wks? If so that is really good. As you said SS does work! I will be back on the wagon tommorow morning. Good night. And good luck for tommorow and the next three days.


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I'm in the same boat. Been off it a week now and was really doing soooo well. I never cheated until week 7 and never had an AAM week. I was used to living on SS. Went to Poland on a break and have ate for a week. Had a curry tonight - I am so upset at myself but ...... tomorrow is another day for us all. Lets think of each other tomorrow morning and say 'if she can do it - so can I' and promise ourselves that we will. Come on - pull our socks up and do this properly. It's costing us a hell of a lot of money and in the long run it's only ourselves we are cheating. I'm gonna do this x


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Hey Slinkyminx,

Cd can be tough at the best of times let alone when you are unwell. The best thing that you can do is draw a line under the last 5 days, put it behind you and get back onto the wagon.

You CAN do this!!
Hello everyone

I am still struggling really really badly. I am still eating but just normal foods rather than binging. That is part of the reason I did not log in yesterday. Plus I was busy as I

Yesterday I had a shake for breakfast.

Then at luch time when we had a free buffet at work I stuck to my plan and had a bannana tetra brik(GROSS!) but I then caved in and had a chicken leg. I continued to drink my water but when I got home I was so hungry after dragging the kids to the shops and sorting them out that I just gave in and had some chicken and chips cos I really was hungry.

Well today I started out good again I had a shake for breakfast and lunch and two mint tea's at my break times. I felt fine until I came home after going to the doctors and chemist. I have now eaten half a pack of quavers that the kids left plus a pack of mini cheddars. Then I stopped my self from opening another pack of mini cheddars and had a bit of chicken instead.

I feel as though I am never going to be able to get back on the diet.

However tommorow is a new day and I am going to try to have my 1st shake at 11:30 instead of 7:30 and have the last two at 15:30 and 19:30. These are the times that I used to have my shakes before I went back to work and although I had more access to food(There is no food at work. Not even a vending machine.) I was not tempted.
can i join you all, i only managed one week on ss before falling off the wagon!
I treated myself for the 1st wks 10lb loss with some chocolate raisins and then cake and bread and well you get the idea!
Every day since last tuesday ive woke up and told myself today is the day im getting back on track and then by lunch time im tucking it to carb ridden foods :(
ive gained he 10lbs back plus 2 more! :cry:

good luck getting back on track tomorrow
if you need a friendly face whos going through the same il be around
Im gonna be spending alot of time keeping my mind occupied on here tomorrow i think..

good luck hun you can do this (we can all do this!)

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