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Im so Hungry


is loving CWP xx
Oh dear Rachiie. I am feeling that way all the time at the moment!!! I know it's head hunger especially knowing that I am not too far from my goal but just got to keep with.

Don't worry there's not too much of the day left. Keep going hun, your doing great x x
I dont know if its because my monthly gift is on her way but my god i just want something, anything! I dont even know why :(
do something to distract yourself quickly-
you know you are not actually hungry cos you are in ketosis - so it is all in the mind!

i know not really helpful but true!

its a gorgeous evening - can you go for a walk or bike ride to take your mind off food?

daisy x


Playing the Angel
Hang in there hun, at least you realised it is emotional hunger and not physical hunger,perhaps you can explore your emotions a bit and see if there is anything else apart from TOTM that might be an issue? I would also take Daisy's suggestion of getting out there and distracting yourself asap.

Hormones I reckon, not real hunger. Hope you feel better today TD.
Distraction is the key in that situation.

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