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Im so scared of leaving cd!! I am being pathetic!!

Hi guys at my recent wi I reached my goal I had two planned days off and back for one more week as I had planned a scheduled end date. I'm coming off cd 17th dec I'm not going through the propped maintenance as want s complete diet break over the festive period n in the new year want to get back to the gym back excercising at home and then begin to judge what I can n can't eat to work out how to maintain. I was so happy to reCh goal n knew all along I'd do a bit of damage by not going through maintenance but now all I can think about is putting all that weight back on again n it scares me rigid! I've told myself I really wouldn't let that happen but I'm sure that's what every other restarter said! I hope by allowing myself to indulge at Xmas within reason n then getting into some long term healthy eating and exercise in the new year will be enough I really don't want to prove all those people right the ones that said id put it all back on! It's crazy how not eating and cd is like a comfort blanket I dont want to take off yet at the same time I'm desperate yo leave it behind! Don't want to be dramatic but the way my head is going ten to the dozen right now I can see how eating disorders are born! Don't really know what response I'm expecting to this post but I'm driving myself crazy! I've even been looking over the maintenance boards n so many people put it all back I just cannot let that be! Ps sorry for all the typos ...... Silly iPhone lol
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Hi Shell, firstly, well done on achieving your goal!

You are right to be worried. It is a worry that I'm sure almost all of us have, and I know there's a few nearing goal at the moment who feel the same.

I really do think you should go through the maintenance plan. That's what it's there for! Is there a reason why you don't want to do it?

I can't really give much advice as I'm nowhere near goal, but I think you should consider maintenance. I think when I'm at or close to goal I'll go back to weightwatchers or try slimming world to lose the last bit and then maintain.
hey i can totally relate , i am not at goal yet , have another 11 lb to go , but I seem to be sabotaging this as I am too scared to get to goal and then ... what ??

In one way I so want to get there and be done with dieting .. just learn to eat 'normally' but I also know that when I am on CD I am in control and when I am eating again , i wont have as much control . I am hoping to go and see a clinical hypnotherapist to try and help me break the bad relationship I have with food and will also be looking at joining the gym in the new year .

I do think you may struggle just to come off and indulge over christmas , I am actually quite glad that i am not at goal before christmas as I would probably do the same , but as it is I will have christmas and boxing day off and new years eve , but be on plan the rest of the time . I had a 6 month break in the middle of my CD journey and managed to maintain really well using slimming world , I am planning on following the plan ( mainly red days so low carb) although I probably wont go to meetings .

I think its really hard to keep the weight off , I have set my goal 7 lb below where I really want to be as I know I carry a lot of water when I am eating carbs , but I also dont want to 'diet' all my life , when you are in the diet mindset , you feel like you are depriving yourself , and this makes me more likely to binge , so I am hoping to learn to eat like a healthy person and know that if I want something I can have it but in moderation ...

it is a scarey time for anyone , but it can be done , look up some of KD's posts ( she has a great one about maintaining ) and the diet guy is also great

I hope you work it out , weigh regularly and rein it in if need be .. I wish you all the luck and hope you keep us posted on how you are doing x
oh gosh same here.. I have found it really hard this week and I'm only SS+ing but to be honest most the week has been 810 - I havn't had carbs just protein so why do I feel bad ? I need to get out of this guilt trap big time.

I am dreading weigh in tomorrow and feel sooo out of control - going to start a food diary tomorrow when I start 1000 plan to give me some control back

I really think you should do maintenance hun - your more likely to put it back on if you don't xxx


Now Maintaining :)
Shell I know how you feel, I was really worried at first about whether I'd be able to maintain my goal weight but now I feel much more confident about it.

I've found that what works for me is creating a balance of eating sensibly and allowing myself some sugary treats (biscuits etc) too. There's no way I could stop eating biscuits, sweets etc but it's just about eating them in moderation and choosing the right ones to eat. I also treat myself to some fast food once a week.

Exercise has been really important too. Since reaching my goal weight I've still been exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, and I still drink 2 litres of water a day.

I've been monitoring my weight daily since reaching goal and it has STS. :D

Good luck.
it is hard to maintein. however, i'm sure that if you take a sensible approach and monitor your weight, drink your water plus if you indulge one day you pull back the next..... adding in exercise i'm sure that you'll be able to keep your weight level.

it is most likely that you will put on weight over xmas and i'm thinking that i'll be putting on weight over xmas but at the end of the day we can pull it back in january. even pop on a higher cd plan to get control again.
Thanks for all your replies excuse my melodramatic post within a few hours of posting that I came down with theee worst flu so think I was feeling a little emotional to say the least plus I had just spent the previous two days nursing my 5 year old daughter through the same! So ironically after all my worried I have had to cancel my plans to stay on cd antill Friday lemsip is fab but not for ketosis lol and I've been eating fruits n soups etc. Think I'm just going to see how things go now. I'm officially off cd in the new year il start a new excercise regime n just see how it goes il always have the reassurance that I could always return to cd if need but don't plan on yo yoing forever! Il still be posting on mins so here's to a fab Xmas anyways xx

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