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I'm so stupid

Hi everyone

For 6 weeks I have been eating 2 points less than what I am allowed (made a boo boo with my calculations at the time I stopped breast feeding, went into a new 'stone' catogory and changed my how much activity I do every day.

I've been losing 1-2lbs per week anyway but ideally I would like to use these extra 2 points because they'd be handy :p But my worry is that my body will see I am eating more food and the weight might not come off.

I am going on holiday in 3 weeks so if needs must I wont increase these 2 points until I return.

Whats your advice apart from learn how to add up ;)
Anyone else dont this before?

I feel so stupid!

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I guess if youve been eating your daily points except those 2 its been ok, WW say you can carry a maximum of 4 a day, tho they do recommend using them before the end of the week.

Im sure your body would cope with 2 more a day, but I can see why youre reluctant to increase them now. Ofcourse the other way of looking at it is, you may lose even more if youre using the correct number daily ;)
Hi Buttons
Ive been eating alot less than what im allowed and i think thats why my weight has slowed down to a 1lb this week when i got weighed going to try and use all my points and see what the difference is this week
Good Luck


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I can see why you're worried about increasing your points after all this time, but according to ww you lose more weight if you're using all your points. Perhaps you could try using all your points for a week and see how your weight loss goes?...you might find you lose more, and if not, then you could always go back to using 2 points less again until after your hols.
Thanks everyone :D

I will start eating my extra 2 points.

I didnt realise that if you dont eat your full points allowance you may not loose as much weight as you would if you did.
Hows that work?

Hi Buttons
I cant see how this works too I thought to lose weight you have to eat less i did not eat all my points this week gone and only lost 1lb but week before was eating near to my full points allowance and lost more weight


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I think a lot of people especially men think if you are dieting you must eat a lot less and feel hungry.....it is not the case as you are finding out....!
Well on Monday (my next weight in) I will eat my full 2 points and will report back :D


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I know the theory is that if you don't eat enough then your body starts to store fat...maybe that's why you need to eat the correct amount of points, so as you don't slip into that phase. I'm just guessing really, but it would make sense I suppose.

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