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Im starting Diet Chef

Hey All,

Ive decided to start diet chef and shift this weight ive got.

Ive got weddings including my own comin up next year and i want to look stunning:D

Ive decided to start on the 1st of Jan and loose as much as I can :), ive read all your posts and im really positive on starting the diet chef, ive bought only a week to see how a like it and if i loose weight on it too.

I really cant wait to get on with it so bring on 1st Jan baby woop woop.

Nice to meet u all too :p.
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Hi missDanyDyer,

Yes i have ordered it and i should recieve it tommorow, i so cant wait to start the diet coz it just looks so yummy lol. ive got to buy my scales then im all set to begin my journey, im hoping to keep a diary of my weight losses and progress.

How about you have u ordered your packs yet?
hi there
i have decided to give this a go too - starting on 4th when i go back to work.
how have your first couple of days gone intbs?
- good luck mrs dd for tomorrow
daisy x
No i wasnt as organised. When i went to order they couldnt give me a date of arrival. I imagine they will be here thur?

How u finding it?
Hi all!
I have decided to give this a shot too. Bought the one month pack through QVC yesterday so just awaiting it's arrival. How's it going so far?
Hi there
On day 3 - finding it really good.
All the soups so far are delicious and the evening meals with added veg have filled me up.

I am having all meat free ones (except for the salmon)

I have had a low cal yoghurt tonight - I think that is OK as i am only having about 100ml of milk with my breakfast as I drink black coffee and tea.
Im not sure if I'm supposed to have some extra protein tho as they are all veggie meals - and can't find my booklet

Im definately not feeling deprived at all....just hope the scales are going to show a loss

Anyone else started yet?

Daisy x
Hey all,

wowza good to see that ive got buddies :D

Well im starting on sunday, as the whold new year period was way to hectic.

Im well excited and raring to go woop woop, keep me updated with how you all get on ;).
Just at the end of day 5.
There is nothing I have not loved so far!

I am in the habit of weighing myself on Fridays so don't have a proper weight reading since starting diet chef, as I started it on Tuesday.
I had lost 2.5 lbs when I weighed on Friday since the previous week, which is pretty good as I had eaten and drunk loads over new year and the following couple of days and had only been on DC 3 days.

Anyway, good luck with your start
Daisy x
Hey Ladies,

well i started the diet chef on sunday and so far so good.
I dont like the thai chicken soup, but the meat balls are lovely yum yum!

I checked my weight and so far ive lost 1lb shock shock horror lol. i wont weigh until sun dont wanna spoil it for my self lol.

How you all getting on?
I can't believe how good everything tastes!

I am a little bit worried I won't have actually lost weight come weigh in on Friday as I'm enjoying it so much, lol!

Daisy x
Hi Everyone.

Started Diet Chef Monday and so far I've lost 6lb. Really excited, and the food is really nice so far. I feel like I'm cheating a little, because its so easy. Don't have to do anything other than enjoy the food. Haven't been hungry at all.

Good luck everyone!!

Well ordered on the 3rd, and finally received it today!!! Really hope the 2 day delivery wont be like this everyweek or it wont work

So excited to finally be starting tomoro. Great to hear ur enjoying it so far :)

anyone else have probs with delivery?
6lbs is fab
I don't think I will have lost anywhere near that but I am loving it.
My delivery came really quickly, but I ordered before xmas as I thought it would be busy in January.
Hope you enjoy the food
Daisy x
I had problems with delivery too, I ordered on the 4th and it didn't arrive until 10th. Good luck!!!

What is the difference between lighter life and dief chef? I was looking at both, but didn't speak to an advisor?

Lou x
Lighter life is meal replacement.
Shakes, soups, bars.

It is a VCLD and quite 'extreme' as you only have 500 calories a day.

It works, but you have to stick to it 100%

I lost 4.5 stone on it in 2009 and think it is fantasic as it allowed me to get to where I couldn't on conventional diets.

The meetings are great, small groups which have the same members each week and you really get to the root of why you are overweight. There is also a way back into eating normal food plan you follow.

However, as with all diets if you g back to what made you fat in the first place, the weight will go back on.

i have put on 2 stone since Sept 2009 by making the wrong choices.

I still think LL is fab, but want to address my eating habits in a more 'normal' way, i had got into the habit of not eating proper meals and so chose diet chef as i need to get back to 'normality'.

I wanted to be able to be flexible - go out for meals, drinks occasionally which you can't do on LL (well you can still go out, but you can't touch food or alcohol at all.) and have the odd day off.

I want to be wean myself off diet chef after 5 or 6 weeks, hopefully having re-trained my eating habits and losing a few pounds in the process and then finish off my weight loss with healthy eating and excercise.

Also because I have a lot less to lose I didn't want to put my body through such a harsh extreme again.

If I ever do put back the weight - which I won't - I would do LL again without hesitation as WW, SW calrie counting really don't work for me.

Daisy x
Hey all!

You're all doing so well!! My package finally arrived last Friday and I just had my first weigh in today...I lost 7lbs!!! And I actually enjoy the food, although the macaroni has an odd after taste!
Well done!
I agree the macaroni is my least favourite, cheese is a bit plasticy tasting - still edible tho!
The only other one I'm not keen on is the salmon and veg bake as the salmon is a bit chewy.

Onwards and downwards!

daisy x
Thanks daisydoll!!

Yeah - the macaroni really is plasticy! I never recieved the salmon & veg bake but I have it ready to be ordered for the next package....hmmm, might change that, I can't stand chewy salmon lol.

Anyone else loving the salt & vinegar popcorn?? I was a biiig salt & vinegar crisp fan so these are a great alternative and they last for ages too!
I prefer the other two popcorns tbh, but then I'm not a big S&V fan anyway!

I love the granolas and the ginger oatcakes are lovely too, in fact its all nice, I'm so relieved!

I think my fav is the tuna rigatoni, its delicious and is really filling!

I'm so pleased I found this diet
Daisy x

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