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Im starting to see the end... :)


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Hi guys- had my WI this morning and lost another 4lbs. which is awesome :)
Im really chuffed.
So yeah- I guess im starting to see the end of this diet and im a little scared about coming off the packs. I have realised that they provide me with a strange sort of reassurance and comfort that I havnt experienced before. I know that while im on them I will be happy with myself- at the moment the thought of putting anything else into my mouth is so scary cos anything else could make me gain weight and that in turn will stop me being happy with the way I look now!
I guess I am just over anylising things :)
So I reached the 3 stone today- 3 stone 3 lbs to be precise!
Im really pleased that Iv reached that initial target and the end seems so close for me right now.
I had a chat with my counciller this morning and iv decided that once I get to 9.7lbs I will do some serious thinking about how much more I want to loose and most probably move on to management then. (Im only 5 foot 1)
At the moment I weigh 10.10.
Iv never weighed 10 stone in the whole of my adult life and that is truly amazing :) this diet has changed me in so many ways and it really is the best thing iv ever done.
So the morale of my story? ermmm well i have 1 stone 3 left until I consider RTM so will be needing to do develepers for a couple of weeks i think!
But I just want to say to all of those just starting or struggling- stick with it.
I was so unhappy with my life at Christmas. I felt rotten, fat and unhealthy.
I started LL in January- my size 16's were bursting at the seems and I was a binge eater and drinker.
I am now a size 12( they are starting to get a little big) healthy, happy and on the way to reaching a target which felt a million miles away 3 months ago.
My time has gone so fast- and in reality- who gives a sh*t that i havnt eaten for 3 months!? I feel FANTASTIC!
what more can I say?
I just wanted to get that off my chest.
Stick with it guys- its the best thing u will ever do xxxxxxxxx
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Hi Kellie,

Congratulations and well done on your fantastic weight loss!!!

3st. 3lb.:happy036::happy096:

I am now a size 12( they are starting to get a little big) healthy, happy and on the way to reaching a target which felt a million miles away 3 months ago.
Delighted to see you feeling so healthy and happy with yourself and your wonderful achievement!

Brill post:)

Love Mini xxx


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Kellie you have done great, you've always been positive and not moaned (unlike me) and you are a true inspiration. I to feel the same as you the comfort that the packs give you taking away all responsibility of food and then training your body to eat again is a scary thing, but do you know what Kellie I think you'll breeze it. Good luck and well done to you
Huge congratulations on a truly fantastic achievement and such an inspirational post. It is only natural that you feel nervous about the next stage of your journey (we all do) but if you approach it with the same positivity you have shown so far I am sure you will have no problems.

Well done and good luck!

Kellie that is fabulous - you'll be on RTM in no time at all! You really are a bloody good un x


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Thanks guys. I do feel like iv completly changed my life. Its so amazing how different I feel about EVERYTHING! its crazy how much that 3 stone was holding me back!
I really hope that you all reach your goals(which i know u all will) Im not at mine yet but just hitting that 3 stone has been like a bit of a woahhh!! I can do this moment!
Lola- ur comment is lovely and really made me smile. I have had as many downs as up's along the way believe u me.
and like I have said before- I definatly would not be feeling so great tonight without minimins. Its just fantastic the support on here.
You can tell people that arnt on LL the in's and out's until your blue in the face but to come on here and have that special link with someone who totally understands exactly what ur talking about is something that has been so so valuable on my journey :)
Thanks for all the lovely comments- I really feel on top of the world :) xxxxxxxxxx
Well done kellie... you've done so well and just think how fabulous you'll feel this summer :)


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Kellie, you are an inspiration... I wish you good luck with the 1 stone 3lbs and with RTM (being nervous sounds absolutely natural... I'm already terrified and I still got 6 stone to go!!)... Way to go girl :D;):D;):D
Well done Kelly and well said! You have done soooo well and thats whilst being a student as well! You even did well to maintain ur weight in Rome! You looke fab, good luck with RTM i think you should consuder it in the next 2 weeks or so! Well done hun xx
Congratulations Kellie

It was so lovely to ready your post this morning - your words just shine with excitement at the "new you" and that was a lovely boost for me this morning... sitting here thinking "oh no another week with no food" and then I read your post and that changed to "that is why I am doing this.... I want to feel like Kellie does".

So thanks a lot for that - off to get another bottle of water

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