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I'm starting to sound like a stuck record! motivation needed please xx


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Hi everyone

I'm so sorry to bore you all because I'm starting to sound like a stuck record - every week I come on here and say I've got to get back on track, i do great for a few days and then cock up big time!

The end result is that each week for the past month or so I've gone up a few pounds and now I'm 12.5lbs over my lowest weight, omg, thats almost a whole stone put on in a very short amount of time.

Again, I've said it all before but I'm going through a very stressful time at the moment and all the old triggers have come back into play. I've been binging on anything and everything basically.

The new clothes are starting to get tight and I can really see and feel the difference. I look really bloated and puffy.

I have to get myself back in gear, I don't want to get fat again.

I am therefore back on SS today to get things moving quickly. I have joined a new gym this morning and have my induction on Saturday afternoon.

I feel awful for asking everybody to give me support again as you all do and then I cock up! sorry! xxxx
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Never be sorry that is what we are all here for hun xxx

Just a slightly different take on things, rather than trying to do SS or drastically reduce your calories why not stick to a higher level so you are getting plenty of food. It may mean slower losses but could reduce the urges to binge?



MUST get a grip
Aw hun - really feel for you.... xxxx

BUT - if you carry on you will really really really regret it mate! Anyone here can give you the fats, stats and work out how quickly you can get back to goal and there are a number of routes that you can choose...

You can SS - and shift this 12lbs in less than 3 weeks THEN 810, THEN 1000 and go back up the plans - what are you looking at.... 6 weeks top whack!

Or you can SS for a couple of days, binge and be back where you started... I'm giving you tough love here or you'll end up like ME, back doing this at the start weighing half a stone MORE than I did at the very very very beginning - what a waste of time & more importantly EFFORT!

I understand that you are blaming your eating on emotional & stressful issues BUT what you need to repeat to yourself over and over and over is this....

The satiated feeling I get from putting IT into my mouth chewing then swallowing it - IS FAR outweighed by how crap I feel AFTER its been swallowed and sitting comfortably in my tummy - where I dont want it to be!

Come on Jodie - I've only got a couple of SS weeks left and I could do with some company, I feel like its me Susan, Wiggly & Nikki - come on with us xxxx


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The more food I have the worse my binges are Georgie, strange i know. If I am SSing I feel so much more in control and actually find it much easier. Also, I feel so big again now that if I can get 4 or 5 pounds off quickly, say by the end of the week, then i think my motivation will return a lot quicker.

I maintained fine for 3 months and then with all the extra stress I started to go back to old habits. That was the problem. Also, I didn't experiment enough with food. I was so scared of putting on the weight that I continued to just have fish, quorn or chicken and basic veg every night and to be honest I got really bored of it.

Hopefully I can get back to 9st quickly and then make more of an effort with the recipes once i am there.


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Thanks Clare - yes you are totally right in all that you say. Thanks for the tough love - it works!xxx
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
I know exactly what you mean, one thing kinda leads to another. Give yourself the kick start and then take it slowly through the plans and take time to experiment with different flavours and textures. I know finding time to be more adventurous with food isn't always easy but its well worth it.

On the tough love side, great post from Clare with great advice. At the end of the day you are being proactive in doing something about it, okay so it doesn't always go to plan but you haven't given up fighting and you know if you can get your head round it you can shift it in no time at all.



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Thanks Georgie.
I'm hoping the gym will help things stabilise abit too. I haven't done any regular exercise as such for around 4 years, just dipped in and out, so if i can get back into a regular routine then that should help get the metabolism settled down etc.
It will also help with the stress/blues and that in turn should stop the triggers!
Sounds so easy!!!!lol
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Sorry you are struggling!
Unfortunately I can't give you the magic answer.I have never managed to keep any weight off that I have ever loss.

The only advice I can give is try what Georgie says...not that the girl needs here ego inflated anymore....before I get shot at dawn,shes my sis-in-law and I'm allowed to say things like this about her.....but she is managing to maintain successfully!
You do need to find methods to control your eating when you are stressed and life is difficult.We all need to find our own ways..
Hope what ever you decide you manage to shift that extra bit of weight and sort out the stress stuff too!

I can really emphasis with everything you've said, also the advise from the other girls is great.

I got to goal June last year and have since maitained my goal weight quite well, the odd lb went on every now and again but I found it easy to cut back a bit and all was well. Then the binges starting striking more frequently and wow it's been a tough time. I binge then berate myself, feel guilty, starve myself , then binge again...you know the scenario. I am now 7lbs over my goal weight which I know isn't a lot, but I don't want this to continue. I have decided to follow the 810 plan for a couple of weeks then move up the stabilisation steps, mainly so that I can once again feel in control (well that's the plan:D) In the mean time I've been getting help with the emotional eating side of things. I've tried hypnosis and am waiting to see a specialist to talk about eating disorders, which may lead to some cognitive therapy.

You've mentioned that you'll be ssing again. I'd love to do that but my BMI is too low, so 810 it is. Take food out of the equation and I'm fine, let me eat a little bit and things seem to go to pot:sigh: I think a lot of it is because although I know I can have a little of what takes my fancy I still feel guilty about eating it and this leads to overeating again.

So I haven't really got any advise to help stop the binges as I'm battling that one myself, but if you ever need to offload or some support just give me a pm.



MUST get a grip
And me! Don't forget me ... I've only got 2-3 weeks of ss left (as long as I don't fall out the back of the bouncy wagon) .....

Yes - come on Dancing, we'lll grab you by your touser legs to hold on - we can do this..... Heads down, fingers stuck up at the temptation that'll all still be there at the end of it all! If I reflect on how quickly the past weeks have flown by - we sure as heck can grit our teeth and finish this last bloody bit! (Oh I just dribbled coffee all ova my keyboard! - soz guyz!).

I'm sending vibes, ALL postive - to you all xxx


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It seems to me, that as soon as I need something carbohydrate, I want something more. Even full after a normal meal-I can still fancy finishing with chocolate. My best dieting days have been to sole source where I feel in control or small bits of protein if I am desperate.


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You can do it, and you have my full support also. It's great you're going to the gym, good luck with your journey xx
So far so good today - 1 tetra, 1 bar and loads of coffees (with milk allowance) but I'm bloody hungry now! Had a couple of diet cokes but unfortunately no water yet so i need to get a litre or two down before bed time.
Feeling abit more positive now with all you lovelies supporting me - thankyou xxxx


MUST get a grip
I've been rubbish with water as well today.... Only had 1 litre, I'll do 3 today then MUST do 4 2morr. Bloody cold, had 1 pack and just chomped a pack well 125g of sliced chicken breast, (its aam wk) it was delish!
Glad to hear you sounding more positive, you know that the diet coke makes you hungrier and does not bode well for a goods nights sleep with all the caffeine... We must increase this water business ;) ;)


MUST get a grip
yes, more water less diet coke jjj!!! Can't believe you got to 5pm without drinking any. the water is nice and filling so make it easier on yourself and have more tomorrow. I went to tescos earlier and bought 4 of their 2 litre sparkling water (something like 29p each) and have just finished a bottle (on top of all the tap water I've had today).. I haven't had sparkling water this week and it goes down so much easier when I have it - esp with a little water flavouring

(I had some chicken slice too .... not that bad is it. trace carbs, almost no fat and few calories ... may as well call it a aam day).

hope you have a good day tomorrow

......... and yes please, nail my trouser leg to the wagon! I get weighed tomorrow so will be looking forward to having a few pounds recorded against my May Day challenge!
Consider yourself hammered lady!!!!!!! BTW I buy the Tesco value sparkling water as I add flavours to it, 19p a 2ltr bottle - talk about indulgence!
Jo, get yourself armed up with water for this week! We really MUST drink 4ltrs a day MINIMUM xxx
yes must do better on the water tomorrow. Dont usually have diet coke but went to a magic show this afternoon in the local clubhouse and so had a couple of cans there. Still, better than a couple of wines i suppose!xx

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