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I'm stopping xenical ***scary*** lol.

So i lost 105lbs on xenical with exercise... but its kinda slowed right down and im pushing myself hard with exercise... ive been 100 percent into my diet the last 6 months and i am now trying it from a diff angle..

i went to chemist today and signed up .. 36 quid a week . she said great results IF you stick to it by the letter so... im gunna try it .. its a no food diet im well nervous hope i can stick to it .. going to try it for a month or two.. then if need be ill be back on xenical and stuff but im going to try it

i will still be posting here and getting involved in this forum as its like my second home :)

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gunna be a fatty for ever
WHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAT?? whats this diet called then?? You were doing so well on xenical hun!
Good Luck Piink.

I'm glad you'll still be posting on here though as you are amazing and reading your posts really has been inspiring for me. Thanks
liprotrim same as lisa :p x


gunna be a fatty for ever
oooooh rite! Can u get that from the chemist then?

good luck i know u can do it!! Can u still exercise on it?

lurrrrrrrrrve katie
yeah i asked them and they said you can still exercise .. but just take it easier for first week or so while your body adjusts lol.

i was loosing motivation with my 2lb a week loss as consistant as it was... i feel so fat still so i really wanna try this... i hope its not as bad as some make out lol

its 36 quid from chemist lol xx


gunna be a fatty for ever
oooh rite!!

its way to pricey for me! but good luck and take it easy with the exercise then gal! i know u like ur classes and your hip hop!!

luv katie!!

ps keep posting or i'll ave ya on FB!!
haha scary :p.. nah im gunna be on here prob more then i am at the mo lol.. ill be in this section and in the liprotrim bit prob lol.. but you guys are where its at :p x


Silver Member
Hi hun good luck on your new stage of your journey .VLCD work if you follow them ,I did cambridge for the whole of my journey .On the exersice take it easy listen to your body remember you are only taking in 500 cals ish so your not putting in the fuel required to over do it .I did more walking and swimming not sure weights or running ect would be a good idea .
All the best hun xxx
Ohh good luck petal, and I really echo what Mandye says, you're going to have to really cut back on the exercise hun, at least for the first couple of weeks ( in fact at my local gym, if they know you're doing a VLCD they refuse to let you do anything........although I know you're not daft and you'll be sensible ;)).

thanks you guys .. i know im planning on going to the gym twice a week , swimming at least once and my hip hop class the rest ill do is walking .. ill do my best xx

ill prob be posting here lots because you guys are the best!! x
Wow! Good luck! My daughter in law has just lost 42 lbs in about 8 weeks on Lipotrim. She was told she wasn't to exercise on it though, don't think you are taking in enough calories to fuel you for exercise so please be very careful!! Take care and please keep us updated on your progress. :wave_cry:
hmm thats what i thought , but the chemist said i could grrr i hate when everyone says diff things lol.. just took my first shake its not that bad YET lol..

guess ill just go gym once a week , plus swimming and hip hop class .. see how i get on .. plus walking lol.. grr gunna be so weird lol
good luck pink!

keep us posted on how u get on! will be interesting to know!!

Good luck pink, I second sona, will be great to hear how you get on...don't forget how well you've done on xenical, 7 and a half stone in 6 months is just amazing, such an inspiration (sorry spellings rubbish) to us all.
thankyou , and dont worry im still around lots and ill post how im getting on.. ill never forget the great xenical journey , who knows maybe ill be back on it one day if this liprotrim turns out to be no good for me lol.


Creating my life
Hi. I did Cambridge and exercise was ok after the first few weeks but I did get dizzy sometimes. You just need to be careful.

Dietwise I've swapped and changed all along. Sometimes your body needs a shake up. Good luck!

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