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I'm struggling!!!!!

S: 15st1lb G: 10st0lb
Are you planning your meals? Its much easier to stay within your syn allowance if you do.

I also only carry fruit with me during the day so I only have free food to snack on. I then save my syns for the evening.


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S: 33st5.5lb C: 19st11lb G: 16st9lb BMI: 33.7 Loss: 13st8.5lb(40.75%)
syns aren't cast in stone..
if you want to go over a bit you can, it's up to you but more syns means slower losses at the end of the day..

is there a reason you're going over?
boredom, habbit, stress, "because it's there"???
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Find something new to pick at - have little pots of grapes/berries/melon in the fridge so you can have them instead. Have some Options flavours around - get a choc hit and I generally find a whole cup is quite filling.

I've stopped buying some things that I know I will just be too tempted to over-eat, even if they are only a few Syns each.


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I got rid of the foods I had in that I knew would be high syn for not much, like biscuits. If it's not there than I can't eat it. Maybe try doing it that way?

I had a curly wurly last week (asked mum to bring me one home) as I really fancied one and felt it was well worth the 6 syns after. However if I'd had a packet of curly wurly's in, then temptation would have taken over and I'd have quickly found myself going over the recommended 15 as they come in packs of 3 (I think)
You need to find something to do in the evenings which occupies your hands. Knitting, sewing, making a scrapbook, typing a novel, anything which would make it awkward to eat.
If i've had superfree food and i'm still after something, then i'll move onto the free food (it's still ok to snack on free foods, providing you stop when you're full, although the superfree food should be chosen over it.), then if the free food doesn't cut it, i'll have an options hot chocolate and maybe a sugar-free jelly with fruit, or a yoghurt.

Having all the alternatives to hand helps to stop me having synned snacks just for the sake of it.

It's what works for me!
G: 10st0lb
Thanks guys.

I think I'm just so used to having something sweet, like a sweet, after my tea! I'm gonna try going for a walk/jog when I'm feeling peckish. Exercise normally staves off the hunger or need!

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