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im such a muppet!!!

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Creeps up on ya, doesn't it? Grrr!

{{{HUGS}}} honey! Just put it behind you, and start afresh tomorrow. Don't eat anymore, okay? Stop right now!

We've all done it, most of us are going to do it again... :rolleyes:

It's not the binge that causes the failure, it's what you do after the binge. So treat this as a valuable learning opportunity, okay? Be gentle with yourself, try to work out what (if anything) was the trigger, and figure out what you'd do next time if faced by the same temptation.

If you get back on track right now, all will most certainly not be lost, okay?

More hugs
Perfectly put by Lily there. You're still doing well Hun this is a minor setback and dosn't undo all the effort and hard work you have put in so far. Put it behind you and start afresh xx
S: 19st4.0lb C: 19st4.0lb G: 16st0lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks ladies, i know i do it jus for the sake of it that was ma problem before its just training myself and remindin me that i have to change habits of a life time! whats worse is i cant come on ere during the day anymore because i dnt have the net at work now as they have removed it !!!! sad times :-(
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Small Jaxy

Up until recently i've been binging nightly .... have spent a fortune and weight shot up! I've been seeing a therapist for other reasons but over recent weeks the topic has been about the binging. An exercise I've had to do is when I start feeling the need to binge is to try and work out emotion I was trying to avoid by binging (essentially "medicating" with sugar/carbs) - was it lonelyness? hurt? anger (often an manisfestation of hurt)? boredom? resentment? If you can work out the emotion then you can then try to work out where it's come from - childhood stuff? relationship issues? work stuff? - once you find that the triggers become more manageable.

Binge Eating Disorder: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and Help might be of interest (an american site but one of the best i found when I used to surf for info)

My CDC and I are using the approach that i have an addiction and that CD is as close to abstinence from food as I can get - allowing me to "detox" and learn to face the reality of the other issues. Food was my drug :-/

Hope this helps in some way.




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No, you are not a muppet hun, you're a human being :) Prepare yourself a nice cup of tea and try not to think about it. We all make mistakes, we just need to learn from them. :)

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