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Im sure im doing this wrong please check

Hi all,

Im on my second day here, but i feel like im eating too much could someone check today for me , im on EE

3 egg omlette with ham and mushrooms
bannan grapes and muller light yog
2 ww bread HEB salad
1tbsp light salad cream 1.5SYN
Apple and a toffee muller yog
Wine braised beef 5SYNS
potatoes mashed with milk from HEA and 1 tsp butter 2SYN

6 crabsticks
Alpen light bar 3SYNS
cadburys highlight 2SYNS
chopped ham

So thats 13.5 syns today, leader told me to have 15 and see how i go, does it look ok ?
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Slow and steady...
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The amount of food looks fine. It just doesn't look like your having your 1/3 superfree with all meals - especially dinner. Remember on EE you need to have 1/3 superfree (fruit and veg) with every meal - or at least averaging out through the day.

Watch out for the mullerlights too, try to limit yourself to one a day.

The beef stew had veg in it and it was also served with a pile of cabbage ?, would that count towards my superfree ?,as a lot of the meals come from the freefoods what do you use your syns for ?, ive used some on gravey etc but still have loads left


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I use almost all my syns on chocolate or biscuits!
so do you think todays ok then ?, have i had enough fruit veg, as i really do not think i can face anymore, im not a big fruit lover, i do like veg but with my main meal, maybe red/green is the way to go if i struggle with superfree ?


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I think it was ok as Lunch was salad, so you 1/3 superfree was probably a bit more with the veg in the omelette and the stew.
With the Syns you will find they creep up on you as you get used to doing the plan.
I'm not a great chocolate/sweet lover but today used my syns for light 'butter' and marmalade on my toast!
Or on sausages, proper fried eggs, Liver and Bacon casserole from Tesco (3 Syns) that I had tonight!


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Limit the muller lights?? Iv not heard anyone say this, why's that? X
Although they are syn free they are still 100 calories each and that can really add up if you are eating a lot each day. A couple a day is fine but if you are eating more than that it might be worth looking for alternative snacks.


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I think the 1/3 of super free has been achieved ...the menu looks fantastic


Slow and steady...
S: 21st9.5lb C: 21st4.2lb G: 14st11lb BMI: 42.8 Loss: 0st5.3lb(1.75%)
Sorry, you didn't mention that your dinner was a stew. In that case 1/3 superfree is acheived :)

I mentioned limiting the mullerlights both because they are 100 calories a pot (quite high for free food) and they aren't really that good for you.

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Hi all you wonderful peeps, I was shocked to hear that about my wonderful Mullerlight, me feels like crying but I wont. Is it only Mullerlight we need to be careful of or is it all syn free yoguarts. Please Please dont let it be ALL OF THEM. I just love yoguarts but not keen on Greek 0% doesn't matter what I do with them they just taste terrible. I know its individual taste, wish I did like them.
Hi all,

Wow , thankyou so much for all your replys !, i really appricaite it , its a little scary starting a new plan, and i keep checking and double checking my books, so far today ive had

2 slices bacon in frylight, with mushrooms, and tomatoes with my 2 ww bread as a HEB, and a pear.

Ive eaten quite a large breakfast as i will prob only have fruit and a muller later this afternoon maybe a mug shot but doubt ill need it. Then for my dinner im having gammon,new pots, and salad.


Slow and steady...
S: 21st9.5lb C: 21st4.2lb G: 14st11lb BMI: 42.8 Loss: 0st5.3lb(1.75%)
Today sounds really good, just remember to remove all visible fat from the bacon and gammon :)

Swannie girl -It's just mullerlights as far as I know, they have something in them that makes them bad, don't ask me what. Switch the the activia snackpots (which are nicer anyway :) )

Swannie girl -It's just mullerlights as far as I know, they have something in them that makes them bad, don't ask me what. Switch the the activia snackpots (which are nicer anyway :) )

Its because of the artificial sweetener in them, but loads of people use artifical sweetener without problems so its personal preference thing. Personally I just use natural ff yoghurt now, but when I started I ate mullers (not 2 a day, but 1) & was fine .


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Looks great to me!!! WEll done hon - i wasn't nearly as organised as you on my first week at SW. Took 6 weeks to figure it all out, and then start over properly!!!

I have a new addiction to quark!! Love the stuff,and glad it's free, as i have several pots in a week!!! (Sometimes a pot a day!) Very filling, and great with fruit, or a hifi bar crumbled over!! YUM!!!

I switched to activia from muller light, as i was eating a few a day (before quark!)

Good luck on your journey and keep us updated!! (And don't forget your 1/3 superfree with every meal!!!)

Love and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi all,

Thankyou for your replys so far, well im on day 2 here so wondering if you could give it a quick once over again :mad:)

bacon,,mushrooms,beans,2 ww bread HEB, pear
Handfull of prawns
mugshot, bannan,pear and muller light
diet coke, melon and cherrys
gammon steak fryed in frylight, new potatoes, mixed salad
3 tbsp light saladcream 4.5SYNS
1/4 sugar free jelly 0.5SYN with 2 tbsp light emlea single cream 2SYNS

So thats 7 syns today, later on in front of tv i will prob have a cadburys highlight 2 SYNS and a alpen light bar 3SYNS

SO a total of 12 syns today , does that all sound ok ?


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I'm no expert on ee - I couldnt eat enough sf! But I'd just suggest the more sf you eat the bigger the weight losses - I'd try to increase it if I were you just to make sure xx
I'd try & get more of your superfree from veg. You also need to have your HEA. - other than that its fine i think. As long as you aren't hungry? I'd probably be starving if thats all i ate for lunch but thats just me.

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