I'm the only member online right now


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it's so lonely :(

whats everyone else sleeping for? you could be up waiting for the sun to rise I'm sure it will be a lovely sight.
hello im up too best time of the day, the alarm clock goes off at 4.30am every morning sometimes i beat it sometimes i dont.i feed the cat and dog ,sit down at the pc and start glugging my water, and then i thank the lord for another beautiful day.when the sun is rising roughly at about 7.am i am sitting in a minibus going to pick kids up for school barbaraxx
ooh another awake person yay!

to be honest I'm not usually up this early so I'm not used to there being no one else around. I don't think I could cope getting up at 4 30 every morning. I'm in awe of you for being able to lol :)
actually I still have another hour before I have to be up I might go and see if I can get a little bit of sleep and miss the sunrise. My head is going to be pounding for the rest of the day if I don't get any sleep at all.