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Im trying slim fast tomorrow for one day

Have never tried slim fast - but I have tried the hunger shots, they sell them in heron (frozen food shop, dunno if you have one) but you get 3 boxes (so 12 altogether!) for £1, yes, only £1. Whereas they had them in Asda and they were £2 something for a pack of 4! - rip off! xxx
Ive never heard of that place hun and i dont think there is any round my neck of the woods!
Thanks for the reply im getting itchy feet! i need to find them?


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I done it twice. The first time was years ago and as soon as I cam off it I piled the weight back on. The second time was at the end of last year leading up to my wedding. I needed a change of scenery to get my weight moving again. It worked in the short term but I soon got bored and I really missed the freedom of SW. It's a good diet for a quick fix but it's not sustainable weight loss


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Hi. I disagree with Taz. This is the third time I have been on SF. The first time was to lose weight for my first wedding and due to being unhappy I put weight on. The second time was after I had my son to lose the pregnancy weight. Once I got down to 10 stone 7lb I stopped and maintained my weight loss for three years before getting pregnant with my daughter. I waited until she was 18 months old before going on SF again and I have now been on it for five months.

My experience is it does work and I have always managed to keep the weight off! However, everyone is different.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
Big thanks to everyone who has replied to my thread, well, i lasted 1hr! i drank the milkshake and was hungry at 11am so i have had 2 slices of Brown bread toast (HE-B) Oh god the milkshakes are to sickly!

Thanks to everyone though......still looking for the hunger shots......anybody know how many syns are in them pretty please!

RUthy xxx


rainbows holiday buddy :)
well, i lasted 1hr! i drank the milkshake and was hungry at 11am so i have had 2 slices of Brown bread toast (HE-B)
RUthy xxx
pmsl - i take it you're back on slimming world? wonder how many sins are in a slimfast shake!


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Well using nannyjax's calculations for Syns, the hunger shots are 54 calories so I would guess about 2.5-3 Syns and the shakes are 213 calories so about 11 Syns


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I used to like the Tesco shakes that you made up yourself with milk. Thicker and not as sweet as the slimfast...which just gave me a craving for sweet things...odd!
no the hunger shots are not on syns online but I worked them out same as Taz xxx
Ah right thanks Taz!!!

Ruthy sss

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