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I'm under attack!


Step away from the cake..
Hello! I'm new here. Doing Ducan was a last minute decision, I knew I was going to start a diet today, and, browsing amazon last night, found myself downloading the book. Then I checked it out on here and before I knew it had started.

So, today:

B: scrambled eggs and smoked salmon
S: skinny latte (we're allowed 250ml milk, aren't we?)
L:chicken & cottage cheese
S: glass of champagne (see below!), yoghurt
T: mackerel, tuna in fromage friais, lemon & black pepper, gallette

Feels kinda weird just having fish or meat on my plate. I might have to have a look at someones menus to see if I'm on the right track.

The champagne was obviously off diet, but I knew my friend was coming round specially and I thought I could either wait to start til tomorrow or start today and just have a small glass of champagne. Teetotal from now though.
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Welcome to the board ....id take tomorrow as your official start as the champagne. will knock out the effect you need to get into attack
but well done for jumping on it .....
did you have the oatbran in ready ?
menu apart from the booze looks fine
good luck


Step away from the cake..
Thanks scrumper! I will do an extra day of attack to make up for it. I didn't want to wait because otherwise I might have ended up waiting till after the new year, then perhaps just another day as it's my daughters birthday on the 2nd, then there'd be another reason etc etc.

I didnt have the oat bran in, I don't think I know anyone who uses oat bran, but I guess someone other than Dukan dieters must do!!! I live near a tescos, so I went out this morning and stocked up. I quite liked the galette, although mine was more of a splat than a pancake. I can see me getting fond of it as it as a change from meat and fish!

You've done really well, was that all on Dukan? If so, what an inspiration!
Hi, Phoenyx. The oatbran is also recommended for people with high cholesterol as it can help to lower it, so you'll also find it available in health food shops. It's really useful for making all kinds of things (muffins, galettes, adding to burgers, porridge, etc), and it's great for helping to cut down on what we on here call "transit issues"! ;-)

I know that the lack of veg seems weird, but that's just during the short Attack phase. When you go onto Cruise, you'll be able to have veg on alternate days, which seems much more natural.


Not very good at this!
Hi Phoe and welcome. If you want some inspiration, try browsing though the daily menu thread and the recipe thread. The oatbran is very versatile and we have come up with all kinds of things to make with it! If you post your menu on the menu thread someone will pull you up if something doesn't look quite right. You will find lots of help and support here.
hey hun good morning ....the oatbran is great makes you feel youve had something carby, andthey are always coming up with new and wonderful ways to use it in the recipies threads
you will be fine once attacks over you should get into the swing of it
I lost all the weight you can see on my stats on dukan so it doesnt take that long and it works


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Phoenyx? Howzitgoing?

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