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I'm weak and pathetic


please try again
can you contact your cdc and swap those you know you dont like and pick up more of those you know you can manage?

i currently only have banana or strawberry tetra's and chocolate mint made into mousse
Cambridge is not to everyone's taste. The reason is the concentration of minerals and the vehicle used to carry them (Micro chystalline cellulose)
There are ways to make them more palatable:

Dilute them by making them with a pint of water.

Make them with half ice and water (giving the consistency of maccy's thick shake... still 1 pint of water total volume including the ice

Make it hot with a pint of water!

Freeze the tetras... take them out of the freezer and when the pack becomes 'squidgy', cut off the top and eat with a teaspoon!

All of these things will, dilute the taste somewhat and incidentally this is the only way I have my shakes.

If you still find them unacceptable, then, maybe Cambridge is not for you. You can take all your unused shakes back to your counsellor who will give you a refund.

My sister only ever managed choccy tetras... she lost 12 stone on them!



One day at a time!
Sorry to hear you don't like the taste of shakes - you do have to try a few to work out which ones are your favourites. I have tried most of them now and can't stand any porridge or soup, love the tetras (esp choc) but I make them up to 300mls, like the bars and like quite a few flavour shakes.

HOWEVER - it has taken time to like them! In the beginning I just used to tolerate them (someone suggested treating them like medicine - doesn't taste great but good for you!) but have now got used to them and can't imagine life without them!! No, they wouldn't stand up in a taste test next to real milkshakes, but then you wouldn't lose so much weight on milkshakes!

Hope you can find some you find tolerable - lots of suggestions on here for changing the taste, ie differing amounts of water, hot, cold, freezing etc so give it a go:)


One day at a time!
PS forgot to say, you are not weak and pathetic - any big life change has it's challenges and you just have to take one step at a time. Giving up food you love (and who hasn't loved food here, that's why we are all on CD, LOL) and starting CD is a very big change. Keep your spirit up - read of all the fab losses here and just think you will be one of them in 6 days!
Aw hun its just the first day! Just move on and try again today and get to no what flavours u like, my cdc let me swap aload of flavours cos i dnt like all of them!! There are some nice ones!
Hope today is easier for u xx

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Yep just go for it again today. It's not always easy. Sometimes you'll fly and sometimes you'll struggle.

Try the original porridge and add cinemon. Or doctor up the soups with herb and spices.

Today will be your day. You can do it. Let us know how you get on tonight hun and good luck xxx#

ps...drink lots of mint tea too....really helps x
Awww, sorry to hear that you are finding it difficult.

I contradict myself all the time when i talk about the diet... on the one hand it's the easiest thing i've ever done - and on the other, I never ever want to do this again because it's the hardest thing i've ever done.

But you know, both are true.

Stick at it - because believe you me, the results are just incredible.

Good luck,
Next time don't dive on the biscuits, far healthier to have some salad or some lean meat or tofu or a handful of nuts. You want to be helping your body into ketosis and eating refined sugar won't help!

Keep on trying the shakes, like others say making them with lots of water dilutes the taste considerably. Good luck!


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It will get better, I can't stand most of the packs and only have chocolate and banana tetra's and peanut and cranberry bars, it was a nightmare at first, but once I figured out what I liked it was fine. I blend the tetras with ice and they are like a thickshake, gorgeous.

Also if you are really struggling, read through the SS+ literature, and if you do need something eat food off that list, rather than just going for the nearest thing. Perhaps do SS+ for a week until you have identified which CD meals you like.

Good luck
It's trial and error a bit at first - stick it out until you can have the mousse and bars for a bit of variety. By then, you should have found the flavours that you can take. My choices have come down to 2 shakes and 2 bars flavours and I love them
Yep agree with everyone here :)

I only have 1 flavour shake now (choc mint)
1 tetra - choc
1 bar - cranberry
hate the soups & porridge

You have to try alot of the flavours before you settle on what you like

Chin up x


Enjoyin' my journey....
Hi there - you are not weak and pathetic. I'd say strong and determined having taken the step to do CD. Finding your way around it is the next step.

As others have said experiment, my fav is choc and mint made as hot drink in the evening, to me tastes so much different. Also really worth investing in a hand blender, well blended they do taste much better. Hope you get on better in next few days, for me it was soooo worth hanging in and getting past the first week. Tx
Don't give up on CD, keep perservering and you will be glad that you did.
I posted yesterday that I was having a tough day but have felt quite happy since. I struggled for the first 7 days, then it all seemed to fall into place.
You mustn't be so critical of yourself, you will succeed x


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Dont worry hun, what u have to say to urself is I really want ths and be positive as my CDC says to me think of it as a very short chunk of your life which will make you a happier and more confident person, dont be dissapointed just get back on it when your ready!

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