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In a pickle

Not a clue what to do today, hubby bugged and bugged me to do this diet with him and I'll be honest I didn't want to but eventually agreed. He's now moaning that he's fed up of the same things ie, meat and dairy so I'm racking my brains trying to think of something different.He's saying he's even fed up of salad and he loves salad! Really want him to stay on it as it's kept his beer consumption down LOL and he is looking a lot better but he wants fruit and bread!I've cooked different things every night so it's not like I'm doing the same thing all the time! I'm in a pickle wondering what to feed him to keep his interest.
Maybe I should move him onto to OWL? He has done two weeks induction but he only lost about 4lb. Men :mad:
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Kept his beer consumption down? that's not Atkins Caz, you can't have any beer on this plan love.

What have you tried from the Recipe's?
You're not understanding my hubby Jim LOL! He drank every night so to him, Friday and Saturday night on cider is Induction! Don't think I'll ever get him away from that - it's got to come from him unfortunately. If I say anything, I'm just being a nag lol. But it's preferable to every night huh? I have explained that Atkins doesn't work like that, that it not a diet but a way of eating but he can't or won't get his head around no beer :cry:Like I said he is losing still (somehow :mad:) so if I can keep him in it, it maybe that he will completely switch. Any ideas gratefully received :D
Recipes - I have done MIMS, oopsie rolls, cheeseburger pie (the one the cat likes!) egg and sausage muffins, fry ups which he normally loves, steak and cauliflower mash, chicken stuffed with cheese and wrapped in cerrano ham, prawn salad, chicken salad, boiled eggs with asparagus wrapped in cerrano ham, quiche, omelettes.....
Think I'll try lamb burgers stuffed with a babybel tonight and give him cauli and broccoli instead of salad :sigh:
Hmm, that sounds quite varied to me, try the cabbage n leek mix and kale as well.

Could you get him to switch to a dry wine at the weekends maybe?
He does like red wine Jim, the trouble being he drinks it like beer ie he gulps it rather than sips it? :sigh:
Is the cabbage and leek a mixture you buy or do you just do it yourself?
I buy it from tesco.

Caz, I had the same problem when I switched from Guiness to Red Wine, you do have to teach yourself, but it can be done.
I am trying to educate him honestly! But he's from Liverpool, what do you expect LOL? :D
ah well, that's an uphill struggle for you then Caz. LMAO


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oh no a scouser (i love love love their accents)
Cant you make him a pan of scouse without the potatoes ?
What sort of things were you cooking pre atkins?
LOL, I'm keeping quiet here, being of Northern origin myself. :D
We ate mainly baked potatoes, rice, pasta, fruit etc when we were doing low fat Vicky. Never heard of scouse, he's not initiated me into that one :confused: And of curse he liked his crisps and nuts etc :D

Where you from originally Jim?


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oh b*gger its not like you had meat and veg and potatoes then. Did you both lose much on this low fat diet ?
It's hard to say really, I come from a line of Soldiers who all married foreign women LOL.

My Grandfather was from St Helens, near Liverpool, He married a Half German, Half Norwegian Girl
My Father was Born in India when My grandparents were serving there, although maybe I should say Kashmir seeing as it's separate province now.

My Father met my mother serving in Denmark after the war, she was the daughter of a Swedish Pastor and his Danish Wife.

I was born in Hamburg whilst my Father was serving there.

and to make it even more interesting, BMH Hamburg was in the reeperbahn, the SOHO of Hamburg.

Explains a lot doesn't it. LOL


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oh wow Jim thats a great family history :) you are from all over :)
I'm the first in 3 generations to marry an English Girl love.
Wow that's some family tree you got going there Jim LOL :D That would be an interesting one to plot if you had all the patience in the world!

We lost a bit of weight on WW Vicky but put it all back on and more after we relaxed. Plus I gave up smoking and piled even more on - got so depressed about it I started again after nearly 2 years :mad: And I still can't get back to my pre smoking weight! Hoping Atkins as a way of life will solve it for me :D

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