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In between clothes sizes!

Same with me hun - 16's are very baggy and look silly on me but 14's are still just that bit too tight to look good.

I was talking about this with my C in group a couple of weeks ago and we decided to have a clothes swap this week - everyone brings in their clothes that are too big for them and we'll pay 50p per item which we buy and any money will go to a local charity. Quite a good way to get cheap clothes when you're inbetween sizes.
it's a pain in the bum isn't it! I can't wait to be able to buy everything in a 12 especially fitted things! and that's a brilliant idea, a way of knowing your things are going to good use :)! hope it all goes well! x
Im the same, lost 12lbs and all my size 16's are too big but 14's are still too tight :(

Im hoping a few more lb's will do the trick! I need a size 15 haha
Same for me as well. My size 16 summer skirts fall down to my hips instead of being on my waist and now look a bit silly. However size 14 skirts don't fit comfortably yet, although dresses look fine!

My winter coat that didn't fit last year fits perfectly now . . . . but by winter????? Think I'll need a new one.

Love the idea of swapping clothes at meetings and money goping to charity - I might suggest it on Tuesday


A determined Bear
Hayleymoses93 said:
it's a pain in the bum isn't it! I can't wait to be able to buy everything in a 12 especially fitted things! x
I've just been shopping and said to my friend " I just can't wait to be able to go into New Look/Topshop etc and KNOW that size 12 jeans will fit without trying them on! :) X
Snap! I'm between a 12 and 14. I went shopping yesterday and size 12 was too tight. So I've decided to save as much as I can and have planned a weekend away in September so should be able to treat myself! At least we're getting there :) x
Yes Im in the same bracket .... size 16s are a little too big but some 14s are too tight but if u try and different shop, the 14s may fit ..... im also between shoe sizes.... i cant believe it ... ive always been a size 7 but now a 7 is huge and a 6 is a little snug and not many shops sell 6 1/2!!! Although i did buy a size 6 shoes in new look at the weekend and they fit lovely so i must have had fat feet?!?!?!? hahaha

Trish x
I know what you mean about the shoes Trish, I've always been a 6.5 so know how difficult it is to find them. Although I can usually find nice summer sandals in size 6 that fit.

I used to work with a woman years ago who lost 6 stone and she went from a size 9 in a shoe to a 6.5 :eek:
My Mum treated me to a maxi dress,maxi skirt and top from matalan today. Maybe look for things like that with stretch so they'll last a few stones down. X
Just as a thought - Sainsbury's seems to be good for clothes for me at the moment. Even better, they're quite cheap so don't break the bank balance when they need to be replaced on a frequent basis.
I find New Look is usually brilliant for clothes being a bit larger size wise than topshop and the like,

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