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In need of encouragment!!

hi folks! i was on xenical for 2 months last year and stopped taking it because i thought i was getting anxious.
my weight has pretty much stayed the same since last year and i feel as though i am stuck in a rut.
any positive things you have to say about xenical or any advice?
im thinking of giving the blue pills a proper try.

thanks :)
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hiya Celt,
welcome back here is a link with lots of info that will help you

Xenical - Healthy Recipes

i really recommend the Alli Diet Plan book its got great recipes....its what i use

drink plenty of water and make sure you have a hearty breakfast to fuel your day !!

goodluck hun xx
Thankyou hunny....

I am really pleased with the results so far....i have found the food really good and my partner enjoys it too lol.....I see it as a Lifestyle change and not a diet...the foods i eat are what i will always be on with a few extra treats
I would be lost without my Alli recipes ....I also use some from the Biggest Loser...

I stick to foods that are 5g fat per 100g........some recipes call for ingredients higher which is ok as they are such small amounts...i have my breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack and then evening meal...............snacks are fruit , soreen malt loaf or snack a jacks as they are low in fat....
When having carbs the amounts are less.......pasta(dry weight)50-75g, potatoes 150g, rice 40g(dry weight)

There is a site that is for people in the UK who have been prescribed Xenical so you will need batch number on box to join and its also a good site.....http://www.mapassist.co.uk

There are some good recipes on this link with all the breakdown of calories/fat ect Healthy Recipes and Recipe Calculator From SparkRecipes.com

How many calories a day are you having ??

a lot of us are on Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal | MyFitnessPal.com you can log all your food and exercise

:) xx
Thank you for the reply and the links! I think dieting only works when you accept the lifestyle change, which is something i struggle with. when i do diet, i have around 1200 calories a day, but as the diet progresses i have a tendancy to go down to about 800kcals a day which is awful.

have you had any bad side effects?
I have had no side affects hun.....Your an inch taller than me and i am on 1360-1440 calories a day.....don't drop below 1200 as it causes many internal organ problems and you will feel hungry, emotional and may lose muscle as your not fuelling your body !!

Don't look at this as a diet as diets always lead to failure.....
This is a LIFESTYLE change where you are re educating yourself on food.......I eat more now than I have ever done...its just getting the variety of foods and nutrients

Make sure you get a good multivitamin and take it at bedtime

You will do well just stay positive and strong xxx

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