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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Sambucca, 17 August 2007 Social URL.

  1. Sambucca

    Sambucca Gold Member

    I have been really struggling with the diet for the past couple of days and worrying about the long road ahead. My losses have really slowed down now I am on 790.

    So I would really love to hear from those who have lost lots of weight. How did you keep going through those tough moments? How did you cope when you had slow losses? How did you keep your focus for such a long time?

    I would really appreciate your replies. I have done well so far but have really considered jacking it in these last two days.
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  3. Judy

    Judy Full Member

    come on hun u can do this! u have just egged me on im back on day 1 today of ss, its hard but we will get there. just think of chistmas time and how great u will look! thats what im aiming for, and next summer to be able to wear what u want and not hide in baggy stuff and feel all hot and horrible, know the feeling?? i deffo do
    you have got half of what i have to loose so u can do this and when u struggle just think of all them horrible times of being fat and feeling horrible and hot etc
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  4. Linda5111

    Linda5111 I can do this.

    Sam.. ur almost half way there, we all have off day's but we plod on and u know u can do it,so come on... cheer up and move on, we're all behind u.
  5. canaryellow

    canaryellow Full Member


    Sometimes it can be really tough.. my last AAM was a total nightmare.. i ate everything i wanted including the AAM lol,

    And yeah i gained 1lb, i was totally gutted, but in a way i was pleased that i did actually gain, coz... it made me think, what on earth am i doing, ! costing me money, time and effort.. so from then on, im back on track, the following week i lost 6.8lb, and this week was an amazing 7lb..

    So yeah its tough, painful but the highs and good times totally outweigh the tuff ones, im now on my week 16, and have lost almost 6stone,
    My hubby started the same time and has lost almost 7stone,

    Its worth it,

    Good luck and were all here for you, good times and bad ones,

    x x
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  6. Toothfairy

    Toothfairy Full Member

    Hi Sam You must keep going you have been doing great, you will have a good loss next week im sure its only because of totm. You have lost so much so far and reading your diary keeps loads of people going. We started about same time and it is hard i do struggle too but i keep thinking of little black dress that i want to get at christmas. Keep going:)
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  7. nicola444

    nicola444 Full Member

    Hi Sam,

    Look at how well you have done, please dont get disheartened I know it is really easy to do, just imagine how it will feel walking into the shops and picking something up that you know will fit you easily - you can do this and you have done so well already.

  8. crewboi83

    crewboi83 Full Member

    Oh god i soooo know how you feel.... i can smell chicken and rice being cooked in the kitchen as we type which is making my stomach do its nut!!
    I'm only on day two... but jesus its gettin hard!! just had a banana shake and im saving a choc mint one for later. Watching a programme on TV now about fat kids... and they just been in the chip shop, i was nearly licking the TV... so ive just got me ass off the sofa, downed 1.5l of water, and now having a coffee... need something to take the empty feeling away!
    I just want ketosis to hurry up and kick in, can someone please tell me when u get to week 2... 3... 4 it gets better!?
  9. ninababes

    ninababes Gold Member

    Sam you're doing so so well don't let this get you down the less you have to lose the less weekly you're going to lose as there isnt much left to burn off so don't get downhearted think of it a being nearly at the end!!!!
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  10. ava

    ava Silver Member

    Don't lose heart Sam, you have done so well so far. I've not lost on CD before but i did a few years ago lose 8 stone on WW, it was hard at times, sometimes for weeks on end i would only lose 1lb or stay the same but i just knew that i wanted to get the weight off and that kept me motivated. Think how good you will feel when your at goal. You can do this, you've come so far already, keep going honey:hug99:
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  11. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

    Sam you have come so far and done so well don't doubt yourself - you have done this and can continue to do this. Think about what you have achieved and how good that makes you feel, please don't undo all your hard work. Try to focus on all the reasons you first started on CD and what is was you ultimately wanted to achieve. Keep your eye on the prize at the end rather than dwelling on the journey.

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  12. Sambucca

    Sambucca Gold Member

    Just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has offered support today, via this thread, my diary and PM. I do know that I need to persevere and I am hoping that today is just a bad day and that I will find my mojo again in the morning.

    Just been for a long soak in the bath and am going to watch a film soon. Havent had a 790 meal today either so have managed my first ss day for a long while. I was too scared to eat anything because with the feelings I have had today I think I would have ended up eating everything in sight.

    Thanks again. Minimins is great.
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  13. ninababes

    ninababes Gold Member

    Congrats on getting through the day!!!!! Its one less day you're gonna be on the diet now hehe :)
  14. fat_2_fabulous

    fat_2_fabulous Silver Member

    hey girl!dont give up!to me u are a hugggee inspiration i look at you guys who have lost weight and know i can get thru it!dont give up on me xxxxxxxxxx

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