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In serious need of some support

i had to come off the diet due to 'vertigo', this was debatable as there seem to be a lot of sufferers of dizziness on the diet however was taking docs advice but didnt really do a refeed, just kept it reasonable, low fat that sort of thing, so have been eating since last friday, today was suppose to be my first day back on diet full time and i dont know wats happened. ive become this obsessed woman and felt the need to eat as if my life depended on it. Im usually so in control and focused but jesus ive been taken over by aliens!! im usually the first one to give a lecture (got two other friends on this diet) about all the positive reasons to stick to it etc but i dont know whats happened to me, i cant get focused and my thoughts which i can usually control seem so out of control..... help ive got to get back on track and quick cos im only half way, got a long way to go so why am i finding it so hard to just go back to the diet, i know it should be a case of 'DONT EAT ANYTHING' if it was that easy i wouldnt be asking for help! i was quite happy before???? is it just me or have others suffered the same thing
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Ah yes! I am hoping to restart and this is EXACTLY what I was dreading! 2nd attempt syndrome! A lot of people find it VERY hard to get back on the wagon! All I can say is it is normal. Now that you know that is what it is.....grit your teeth and get stuck into it.....Keep posting on here for a few days when your feeling weak and I for one will kick your butt if it needs it (perhaps you could return the favour!!)


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Look at the weight u've lost up to now. Ur doing so well and ur gonna do well again. The first few days are the hardest but once u get back into ketoses ur on the pigs back ......no better woman than u.
So what do you want Jackie as it really 'is that easy'! So come on woman you are letting the side down, now get back on the wagon and I will give you a lift, well, are you coming or what????


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Come on Jackie - you can do this - you know you can. Don't make me send Gaz over there - he'll get all stern.... !

Focus & glug, focus & glug :) x
thanks guys, yes another day and this time no more ****ing about, and yes i do need a major kick up the arse so feel free guys cos if thats wat it takes so be it, there again the thought of howdy sending Gazz round to sort me out!!! mite just do it lol
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Hey Jackie,

I wouldnt be so hard on yourself, I know from your posts that you are normally very focused, but obvisiously what has happened has really threw you off course and I am sure the same thing would have happened to most people.

On LT most people mentally prepare to come off it and follow the refeed programme, you had a freaky thing fainting, and im sure this shook you and you were left confused as to why this happened and not sure what to do. I can imagine it was quite a scary experience xox

Its not surprising that you lost control of your emotions because you probably really didnt feel in control of what was happening to you.

Im glad to see that you have got your focus back this morning. If you can just put this behind you and get back on track you will be flying again in no time.

You look so much younger, healthier and happier in your pictures, you have almost lost 3 stone and it will be no time until your BMI is healthy 25. Stick it at, everyone here is behind you 100% and we all know that you can jump back on the LT train and enjoy the journey to your finish line.

Keep ur chin up and keep ur focus....!



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Wot Julz said ^^^^^^^^^^^^lol x Were all here for you hun. Just keep swimming x


on the up lol
Cmon hun, u was doing so well, get bk on the wagon see how u go....... think of the pounds falling off ;)

*sheep kicks jackie up the butt* :p

Good luck :)
thanks guys, its exactly wat i needed, todays going good, maybe found my focus again but thanks for your support, very much appreciated xx


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Good luck Jackie. It sounds like you've turned a corner. You can do this - we'll make sure you stick to it!!!! Lol!

Hi Jackie - I think what you're going through is entirely natural, but you can get back on the wagon. I'm lucky cos I live on my own so I've thrown out all food and can't be tempted by anything. Get a nice photo of you and use a photo editing programme to change the size of it to make you look nice and slim - it will boost you on towards your goal.

You've lost loads so far - more than half way there - don't give up now hun.


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