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Incapable-of-thinking-of-a-snazzy-name-Ella's Diary

So... this is my first diary entry and I've not done forums before so be gentle if I'm a complete and utter dope!

This is day 4 for me (Down 5lbs YAY!) I've been following a few diaries already which is what inspired me to do exante in the first place. So thank you!

Erm not a generally hungry person... more of a greedy person, I eat because I'm bored mostly.

I'm probably doing so well because the kids aren't with me during the day blah blah. My Little man Matthew is in spain for the whole summer with my nan and my little madam Amelia is with the childminder who, god bless her, gives her dinner so I dont have to, there is no OH to speak of. So I've had a pretty easy ride not having to cook for anyone, although mum's staying with me at the mo and waving the wine in my face (she's not the type to buy a bottle, her motto is to save a journey and buy a box!).

I think maybe thats enough twaddle for today.

I was down 2lbs last night and I'm hoping for a repeat tonight!! :D
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*hug* Drinking water will fill you up =) I'm starving too and havent started the diet yet- waiting for the bumper pack to arrive- 1hr 20mins til it arrives. Good luck Daniella! Xx


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Good luck!
Hi Ladies,

Wow what a welcome I love this place already!:D
WARNING!! (contains the mention of food)

Had a bit of a blip yesterday... My brother was eating a cheese toastie, I could smell it. sorry about the mention of food but i was mortified. Determined not to have bread I ate some cheese and then some chicken breast(roasted) but it was like the flood gates had opened. All of a sudden I had an overwhelming craving for sweets so i went for the coke Zero and to my absolute horror the little B****** had drunk all of that!

I Ate the M&M's:break_diet:

I felt absolutely awful and actually considered making my self throw up but I regained sanity and exercised like a demon. But last nights weigh in made me cry into my pillow... +5lbs!!!:eek:

Waking up in a slightly better mood i decided to weigh myself again... -7!! Woo Hoo!! Must have been the lactic acid.

Hope everyone else is feeling as good as me today??

Ella xxxxx
dont weigh yourself at night as you will be heavier than your morning weigh ins. at night time if i step on the scales i can be up to 5lbs heavier than what i weighed in the morning! :eek:
Hi, wanted to pop by to say hello :) You seem to be doing really well and as for the 'blip', most of us have had one (or two, or three) but the important thing is to immediately put it behind you and get back on track.

Look forward to reading your journey.

:wavey: x
i am a serial weigher, morning, afternoon and night and i have never weighed less in the night than i do in the mornings! i find throughout the day i gain more and more and by morning its gone and hopefully i see a weight loss :D


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Well done Ella for getting back into it so quickly - lol it is no wonder you weighed so much at night - think of all that water you are drinking! It has to weigh something lol and one blip in the first week is really good. What we are doing takes a LOT of willpower, keep up the great work and there will soon be a lot less of you :D and congrats on the loss so far :D
Thanks Guys,

I've been weighing myself at night this whole time lol!
Its great now I'm starting to get comments from people at work, although they're thinking I look different because of a sun tan ;)

I've even got my mum to try it now. She'll be starting as soon as her pack arrives!!

I must say that seeing you guys dropping the pounds is definitely inspiring me to do better. Its remarkable seeing some of your starting and current weights.:eek: You girls truly are amazing and the rest of us will hopefully:) catch up soon xxx
Well i kinda gave myself sunday off because i just couldn't forgo food while everyone else was eating around me. i tried not to bee too bad but there was the ineveitable 1lb gain but if i'm totally honest I'm happy with that considering what I ate.

Strangely enough i've found that my stomach must have shrunk because i could barely manage the food and in the end felt really ill?? And today I dont feel to great either. The food didn't taste so great (one of my favorite meals). maybe I'm actually getting a taste for the exante lol.

Hopefully this week will be a TS week.

Hope all of you did better than me?
How was everyones weekend?


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