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Inch loss question

Hi guys

My CDC doesn't measure me, but I have measured myself and although I have a goal weight in mind I will be happy once I have lost one more inch off my bust, two more inches off my waist and one more inch off my hips. I know it is different for different people but how many more lbs do you roughly think that will be? I am 5 foot 1 by the way....

I was looking to loose another 20lbs, but I would be happy with these measurements and am thinking that perhaps I don't need to loose as much as I previously thought!

Any guesses or experiences would be appreciated!
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Unfortunately I don't think there's any magic formula for inch loss in relation to weight.
I measure my clients on request monthly, and sometimes we see little weight loss, but dramatic inch loss (on the measuring week) and vice versa.

I think that the way you feel about how you look is more important than the number on the scales- for example I would rather be a trim and toned at any weight than wobbly at a low weight - iykwim- my friend is classed as obese by his weight but he is not fat it is all muscle and he is really fit (health wise)

so I guess what I am saying is if you look in that mirror and think "yay- this is looking good" and your clothes fit how you want them to that is more important than hitting a certain number on the scales.

Well done on your loss so far
Yeah I think you are right Greenygirl - the measurements are because I have clothes in my wardrobe that I bought as an incentive and I cannot squeeze myself into them yet!!! I suppose I have to tell myself when I get to being happy with the way I look - if I can't fit into the clothes then so be it - off to Ebay they go!!


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