incorrect calories?


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Only just this week I have noticed that calories are not always correct. For e.g. Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire pudding report only 10 cals per pud, should have known better I know.... so I had ... 4 :( only to realise when I later couldn't believe it I checked in my cal counting book and the net and they are around 98, which took me waaaay over for that day...

In my book it reportsa tin of tuna at being around 214 a tin drained yet on the tin it says 120 ish...

If I keep making these huge errors it takes me over each day ... which is not good.

Anyone else notice anything???

What do people pitch a whole tin of tuna in brine drained?
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One day at a time :)
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around 200cals not 100 :s

If you can, it's best to always check the labels on what you're eating as books and websites can be out of date for the nutritional info!

Dont worry about it, not your fault, just move on :) xx


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yes i think you're right :)