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Induction. Losing 28lbs for July hol....

Discussion in 'Atkins Diet - Diaries' started by sunnyrae, 5 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. sunnyrae

    sunnyrae Well-Known Member

    Hello all. I havent done atkins before done pretty much every other diet tho.
    Desperate to lose for my holiday end of June so the plan is to stay on induction until hol, enjoy hol guilt free come back and move to OWL.
    I know that my goal in the time period is quite optimistic but it will keep me focussed and there's always after the hol to make it up.
    I just want to feel great in a bikini last year went away and didnt it's not going to happen again!!
    So far i am at the end of day 4 the first couple of days i had headaches upset stomach felt like i was going to vomit! But today has been my first day of feeling ok. Actually feeling good!
    I love meat n cheese but i must admit sometimes it feels a little heavy n i just want something simple, so will be trawling through the recipe pages.
    Made an awesome treat tonight tho an iced mocha/frap sooo gorgeous just like the mcd's version. Well plan on weighing in on day 8.
    I weighed myself the day after starting and i had lost 7lbs will all be water as had a poorly tummy but will be happy if ive kept that off come weigh in weds!!!

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  3. athenagold

    athenagold Carbs are Evil

    Welcome sounds like you are off to a great start
  4. coffeelover

    coffeelover Well-Known Member

    Great loss, don't forget to eat your green veg too. Wow how did you make that iced mocha?
  5. sunnyrae

    sunnyrae Well-Known Member

    It was really simple i blended a load of ice so that it was like a slush mixed in a shot glass boiling water decaf coffee and truvia i used about 2tsp. Poured it into the blender added 2-3 tbs of double cream and wizzed it up was so nice!! I added a teaspoon of sugar free cocoa powder as well my favourite thing ive had so far. Going to limit myself to 1 every other day.
    Made oopsie rolls today a bit yukky!! Dont think i will again. Had salad and chicken and ham and a burger today yum yum!!!
  6. Cinta

    Cinta Well-Known Member

    Good luck & well done on a great start.
  7. LVLLM

    LVLLM Well-Known Member

    Best of luck

    Hi cinta !!!
  8. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Hi Sunny and welcome

    You're off to a great start but don't forget your veg - it's not all about meat and cheese :)
  9. sunnyrae

    sunnyrae Well-Known Member

    Thanks lady i've been having salad rather than ved i know you cant have as much right? But i prefer it anyways :)
  10. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

  11. beelishy

    beelishy Well-Known Member

    Ive been on VLCDs (Slim & Save and Exante) for the past....age. LOL. Continuously since Sept last year...but started in feb 2013 for a few weeks before coming off.

    Getting pretty bored of it and really thinking about starting Atkins tomorrow.

    Subscribing and will follow! x Good luck :)
  12. sunnyrae

    sunnyrae Well-Known Member

    Thanks susie will take a look i love trying new things it helps keep a diet novel!!
  13. sunnyrae

    sunnyrae Well-Known Member

    Yay try it belishy!!! We can do it toether so far i can honesty say easy peasy one day 3 was over not even craved or fancied any carbs really! Even a hot buttered baguette couldnt tempt me at the minute haha!!
  14. beelishy

    beelishy Well-Known Member

    So do you have a book? Was thinking of getting one but not sure which... :)
  15. sunnyrae

    sunnyrae Well-Known Member

    No i havent i know i really should i have just tried to do lots of research online and things. Its probably best to ask someone more expertise. From a few things ive read the older books are better than the latest. I dont know if that's true though.
    All the best for tomorrow then i'll be following :)
  16. sunnyrae

    sunnyrae Well-Known Member

    Well first week ive lost 7.5lbs very happy :) hoping for a couple this week as well!
  17. athenagold

    athenagold Carbs are Evil

    Wow amazing loss well done
  18. sunnyrae

    sunnyrae Well-Known Member

    Arrggg have just gone over my carbs damn it!!! Including my tea i will have had 27g today. Have i ruined everything? Was so close to just scoffing some peanut butter reese cups had a nibble of a mini cup was so sweet i spat it out.

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