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Information MUCH appreciated

Hello all,

I am living in Istanbul at the moment and I have been lurking around this forum for days now reading and making notes about what I can and cant eat..I have always been a chubby girl and this year I am tired of feeling fat and self concious so I want to make a positive change to my life and finally keep the weight off! I have previously lost some weight on Xenical and the 'cabbage soup diet' but now I am ready to introduce a new lifestyle in with my weight loss
I am thinking to start the diet this week when I have all of the information! I have ordered the book, which is going to take about 3 weeks to be delivered so I was looking for as much information as possible..I have a good idea about the kind of foods that I can eat...powdered sweeteners and 0% milk will be my lifelife and we also have light natural yoghurt here as well...how long are you recommended to stay on Attack for? and what are PP and PV days? ANY information would be much appreciated :D
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Hello Sarah and welcome to the forum,

The length of time spent on attack is determined by your current weight, which I see isn't that high, so 3 days will be fine. (Can you put your height and age in your User CP please?). If you go to the official Dukan website, there's a calculator to establish your "Dukan true weight". A weight which would suit you and be easily maintainable, at your age, with your diet history/number of kids etc etc., rather than an overly low weight we might remember ourselves weighing once, in our teens... (I'm only guessing here!).

PP = pure protein... PV = protein/veg
After attack, you work out a rhythm which suits you (alternate days is good) and on the protein days, you stick pretty much to what you'll eat in attack with certain restrictions and additions; on PV days, you introduce vegetables and salads, preferring certain to others, and always bear in mind that it is a high protein diet so keep the protein ratio on your plate high (66 protein / 33% veg) is often recommended.

What are you doing in Istanbul (nosey nosey...). Open a diary perhaps and tell us all about yourself! Can you get oatbran in Istanbul? If not, perhaps get it ordered pronto!
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ooh Welcome to mins and best of luck. And yes as Jo says we are nosey nosey :) xx


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<Vicky - she's gonna tell us EVERYTHING! Can't wait!>
another question...ive been told to do attack for 3 days, but want to do it for more to increase my initial weight loss...what is the longest length of time that you can remain on attack for?


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A maximum of 7 days, Sarah, but I'd probably recommend less since you don't have too much weight to lose.

Try the calculator on the official Dukan site and it should give you some idea of how long your Attack Phase will be.


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another question...ive been told to do attack for 3 days, but want to do it for more to increase my initial weight loss...what is the longest length of time that you can remain on attack for?
The trouble with lengthy attack periods is constipation (let's not beat about the bush here!).

Also, Dukan has said (since writing the original French book) that the weight loss of those who did three days of attack then cruise, and those who did more attack days, isn't vastly different. For the very overweight, it's good to stay longer on attack to get in the swing of what will be, for them, a very lengthy diet period after what has most likely been a very lengthy "non diet" (;)) period.

Up to you of course ;) but once that initial water weight is off, the weight loss slows anyway so you might as well nourish your body with alternate days' veggies!
thanks ladies for the great advice....i think i will try to stay on attack longer, as I tend to work better in a very controlled environment and I think that I will be able to stick to this diet very well as I have previously tried Atkins and loved it, but it was very unhealthy! I have always been a yo-yo dieter and I am actually now the lightest I have ever been so Im so motivated to change my mind set completely =) last night was my 'last night' before the diet so normally i would have ordered a big Burger King and carrot cake 'my weakness'...but I didnt! We can do this together =)

thank you for the support so far ladies

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