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Inspire me!


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I've struggled to get back into the diet as my FIL passed away very suddenly. It was the funeral on Wed so Tues and yesterday were full of emotional eating for me.
I've woken up each day full of focus but it has dwindled to nothing by the time i get in from work.
Can anyone inspire me to get back into it and just finish this once and for all! I had lost 3lbs by Monday for my first WI but i've put them back on again. If i could just get on with it i could have several pounds off by Monday.
Help please.
Best wishes to all.
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Molly, I'm sorry that you've had such a rough time over losing your FIL. I really hope that the next couple of weeks will help you finish grieving and get yourself in the right mental state so as you don't need inspiration, other than that you already know from before.

I do think that mentally we have to be in the right place to lose weight. Once you are there, and if that is now then that's fab, but you will know and will be ready for action.



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Very sorry to hear the news aswell. I think take one day at a time right now. You may have too much going on this week to concentrate on the diet. Wk 1 is tough I think you'll remember. Why not give yourself a few days and try cutting carbs ready for when you are really motivated. Don't beat yourself up for the sake of a couple of days. Thoughts are with you hun.
I had such a terrible day yesterday. I was certain that is was going to eat, determined even.
I just took it an hour at a time; it's 10.30 now, I can eat what I want at 11.30. Then when 11.30 came around I would say am I going to eat now? No, I'll wait untill 12.30 and so on. Making sure you are having your packs and drinking the water before you get to feeling hungry.
If you make it to bed time you'll feel amazing when you wake up tomorrow and you've stuck to it!
Morning and I am so sorry you are having such a rough time at the moment - i confess i would t be able to diet at such a time - i am a emotional eater too.

But i can offer a hug:hug99: and hope you get back on track - im sure your partner wouldnt want you destroying your diet!

Please try your best - think of the money your wasting hun!!!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
((hugs)) dragonfly too.. life is rough sometimes :( But it will improve and we are a resiliant breed us humans! Remember them fondly and ignore the scale till you feel able to face it..and make that step when you are ready.
I'm sorry about you losing your FIL. I guess the best I can say is to echo other people's advice: take things one day at a time, and do your best. You need to decide what's most important right now. If eating the extra food makes you feel better, and it's what you have to do, then do it. If losing weight is more important to you, then stick to that.

Either way, don't feel guilty and remember that tomorrow is another day and you always have the opportunity to make different choices later.

Feel a hug from all of us.


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Thank you all so so much ladies. Dragonfly, i'm sorry you've been through the same, we've shared a few threads this last week.
I have taken it worse than i thought and my OH has been really sad. Of course there are all the regrets - If only we'd.....if only i'd.....but we cant dwell on that. We can only move on and support each other and be there for MIL.
Thank you for your support, where would we be without minimins!

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