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Insulted by a stranger.


Ugly duckling going Swan.
Sadly I think it's something nearly everyone here has had at least once in their lives. Someone you don't know randomly abusing you. I had it today from a friend of my neighbour whospotted me in the garden and said "Jesus what a sight". To be fair to my neighbour, he did have a right go at his friend saying that wasn't on but his friend didn't care. My family wanted to go out and throttle the guy but I didn't want the attention. It hurt because it's the first time I have been in the garden for 3 months and now I don't want to try again. I know I will have the last laugh and now I am not as upset as I was but I never get why grown men and women have to do things like that.

I think it's awful that some people can't grow out of the school bully mentality as they get older and have to pick on other people to get over there own petty issues. One day, I'll be confident enough to say something but at the mo, I am not able too. However I won't let it get me down and nether should anyone else who gets insulted by one of these idiots.
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Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Aw cookie, that's terrible! What a horrible, horrible man.

Hugs for you x


Losing the mummy fat
What a horrible thing for a grown man to say!
Im so sorry chick & ignore him! If he can say things like that then hes the one who should be ashamed of himself!
I used to get teased by teenagers! But you have to learn that no matter what anyone says, you are special & your family & friends love you for who you are xxx


Ugly duckling going Swan.
Thanks you guys. I just have to remind myself I don't want or need approval from anyone like that!


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Aww KookieDoh that's horrible, I can't believe someone would be so rude!

Definately don't take any notice, and don't sit there all night thinking of things you wish you had said (or is that just me???)

Hope you're feeling better