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interesting and tasty atkins food


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Ommeletes - add what you like. I like goats cheese and chives. Something I thought of recently is:

Getting sausagemeat (I buy good quality 95% pork sausages) I take them out the skins and add other herbs or seasonings then make into balls and fry in oil, add veg - I use spinach, garlic and mushrooms. Add some double cream so you now have these pork meatballs in a sauce, perhaps serve up with mashed cauliflower or thin courgette strips? I love this stuff!


With Atkins I have discovered that foodwise, you are only limited by carb count and imagination.


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Some of my favourites -

- chilli mince - fry the fattest, cheapest mince you can find up, add a sprinkle of chilli flakes and mix in some steamed cabbage
- chicken curry - fry chicken bits up in olive oil (actually that's all I ever use) and turn the heat off, leaving some olive oil in the pan. Sprinkle medium curry powder over it and coat the chicken, then serve on a bed of iceberg lettuce and squirt a big dollop of low carb mayo
- cheeseburger pie - see the Just Recipes thread
- in fact, go right through the Recipes thread from page 1, some lovely ideas
- also see the Low Carb Shopping List sticky for your shopping

Hope that helps.

Kieran - the meatballs sound fab, will try those.
How strange, for me Atkins has been the most varied diet I've ever tried.


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It is liberating knowing I can eat all the foods I like...and lose weight. I think more people should be doing Atkins!


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Agreed, Kieran - I'm eating more veg than ever before, drinking buckets of water, and making sure that there is little/no salt, sugar or preservatives in what I'm eating because i'm cooking from scratch. For a woman who lived on ready meals and pizzas, that's not bad going, even if I keep falling off the wagon! :)

Now...where's that halo gone? lol.


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its strangling you or its chinking around the wine bottle ;)


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LMAO sounds about right :)


This is really the time!
I made a beef curry tonight. Was delicious. The coconut oil just made it special. I start it off with a little evoo, and then melt coconut oil in when it is simmering.

I have developed a love for cooking again. It is really good :)


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Leeanne1, you really are living the life! Do you have a smallholding?

No, I'm still working up to that. I do grow my own veg in my garden and I'm looking for some land for live stock etc. I hunt and fish and forage quite a bit. It's just a great way of living, especially since I live in a city which happens to be very green.


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Wow our very own River Cottage :)


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He is - uses lots of local advice and is just on the nerdy side to make me like him (I normally run screaming from celebrity chefs) :)
Hugh Fairly-LongName is really rather good - I wonder though, how much behind the camera help he had in getting River Cottage set up. I admire him for inspiring people to care more about produce and growing your own vegetables, I certainly think he's a positive influence.

I would love to have a smallholding someday; but we must walk before we run, I have a small garden and I have planted herbs, peppers, pumpkins and strawberries. Wondering though; is it worth buy a small polytunnel? Not a walk in one, but just big enough to surround the plants?


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