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Into the 11's and new pic

I am so happy :) - finally got into the 11's. So it's 11 stone 13.8, but I'm still there!!!
I have trying for what feels like forever.

This time last year I was just touching 16 stone on holiday in Crete in my room crying because I felt so fat :cry:

I've also uploaded a new profile pic because the one I had on there was from 2 years ago when I was the same weight I am now (have avoided cameras since I put on weight).

Need to get some before and during pics up, but last time I took during pics I ended up feeling fed up because I still looked huge! I'll pluck up the courage at some point though.

I couldn't have got this far without this forum and all of the people on here who inspire me and the people on the ID and Pirate challenges xxx (I'll stop now before I sound like I'm picking up an Oscar)
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well done honey my goal is to get to 11stone so its great to hear you have got there.
and i understand the woes of holiday and feeling crappy so good for you and you carry on with your oscar speech


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Fab picture and really well done on being in the 11's!


loving life
Well done Liz, you look fantastic. You look much younger in your new pic hun-looking very well. Zoe xx


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Congratulations and well done Liz!:happy096:

You look very well in your avatar!

Love Mini xxx
:D Thanks everyone for the kind words. I like the looking younger comment! Good lighting and good makeup, but I'll take it all the same :)
Well you're looking great and I was going to say the same as Zoe. I don't know how old you ARE but you definitely look younger AND better than ever. Well done you!


needs a real kick in the
you look fab love the new pic, and inspiring, cos i started out at 16st, im just under 14 now so cant wait to reach under 12st, will be fab, struggling at mo tho. but i will keep it up looking at you, thanks hun xxx


WILL be Slim!
well done honey! thats super!!!!
Here's to getting in the 10's!!! :)
Thanks everyone. I'm 32 Reject Doll, but feel about 10 sometimes lol.
Claira - you'll be there in no time. Sometimes felt like an age to me, but it comes around before you know it.

Too right Lizz!!! We're similar size/height and am with you on trying to get into 12's, although I'm not 100% comfy in all my 14's because of my hips. Need to shake them more I think :)


WILL be Slim!
mine are the thighs too.....i have some CK jeans that i think i will be able to fit into when i'm about a 10/12 cos of my thighs...and by then they will be too big on my waste! Damn my body being inconsistant!!!
Your a real inspiration hun and should be really proud of yourself xx


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Liz, hon,
Well done!!! You have done so well.... and you look fantastic, you should be so proud of yourself...
Yayyyyyyyyyy to being in the 11s too.. its so exciting when you get down another stone!!
Keep smiling as you have lots to smile about xxx


Needs to stop eating!!
So stressed-need food!

Ooops just posted this in wrong place

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Thanks Helen and Curly :) x

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