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Intro and questions...

Hi everyone,

my name's Cara, I've just started Lipotrim today. I tried it a few years ago but gave up on the third day, and since then I've tried quite a few times and never even made it past the first day!

But I gave myself a goal today and that goal is to just make it through one day. If I manage that, tomorrow my goal will be to make it through my second day and so on.

Also, my brother started Lipotrim four days ago (he's done t before and lost loads of weight, but put it all back on) and I'm determined to show him that I can do it too (as he scoffed at me when I told him I was doing it, lol).

Got a couple of questions though....is there any way to stop the nausea? It's not the shakes....I actually like them. Will the nausea eventually stop?

Also, I've started the diet on my day off from college, which I think might help...but i think I may have problems when I go back in and I'm confronted by the vending machines and the chip shop smells on the way home.......any advice?

I'm having some problems with the site as well....I can't seem to upload an avatar, and emoticons won't work?

Thanks all :)
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hi, good with ur journey. sure ull do it if ur determined.
u cant add avatar till u have 50 posts.
when ur tempted just think how good ur gona look at ur goal weight, that should help u stick to it.
x x


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The nausea & headaches will pass. They're caused be your body 'detoxing' (for want of a better word!) from all the carbs & other junk we used to eat. It'll take a few days, so be prepared to fight your way through these feelings (& the bad moods that come with it! LOL!)
Once you get to day 4-5 you should be through the worst of it, though you may still have to fight the 'hunger' pangs- but these are usually psychological and thick wit will see you through- you'll need it though?
Log on here as often as possible through the tough times. Read peoples success stories. Remind yourself WHY you want to lose the weight. Give yourself small goals to reach and reward yourself when you get there (not with food though!;)). Take it one day at a time like you're doing and you'll be into the swing of it before you know it!

PS- Your brother has some nerve scoffing at you doing LT- he's doing it again after re-gaining all the weight he lost- thats hardly something to be proud of is it?!:p


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Hi cara welcome and good luck. You know you can do this just get your first week over and your loss will spur you on for 2nd week and then there will be no looking back. Show your brother and the rest of them that you can do this. If you feel like cheating just log on here and remind yourself why you are doing this. It's a very fast and the results are amazing:)
Hi and welcome,
I started this week for the second time too. I did well the first time but then let go and it almost all piled back. So I'm back on the LT train.

Firstly, you are so clever to take each day as it comes. Just drink constantly, you can never get enough, I find it helps the nausea, which does disappear towards the end of week 1.
Keep strong, and battle each day anew, it gets easier.

Need to moan? log on here, theyre a fab bunch of agony aunts!

Good luck,

HI hun and welcome back you havnt seen anything of lipotrim yet hun you never got to see the good stuff like your first weigh in which is truly brilliant.

Ignore your brother.

And taking one day at a time is the best ting you can do. after the first week i changed it to every week coz i told myself im not wasting all the money i spent on the shakes haha! the nausea does pass definitely.

Just dont tink of this as a quick fix it is hard as you have seen in the past but the first few weeks r the hardest now people dont even realise im still on it coz im back to my usual self with my energy and motivation to get off my ass.

You will be grand just remember water is your best friend and getting threw the 1st week is hard. And your so lucky you like the shakes i cudnt stand any of them, i swallowed the strawberry but dats it now of course its different coz my taste buds have offically changed thank god.

This website is a lifesaver so if you feel down or happy or just need a chat this site is always open haha! :)
When I smell food etc I just think of how depressed I am at this weight and that its down to the food that am this weight!
I think of being a nice weight and buying what ever clothes I want.

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