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  1. FattyMcBigbum

    FattyMcBigbum Gold Member

    Well it's official I'm back on Xenical but this time I understand that you take it with every meal not just high fat ones :rolleyes: My name is Lis and I'm taking Xenical and following the Slim Fast diet.

    Last year I lost 44lb on Slim Fast alone then last Christmas I got pregnant and put 41lb back on was my own fault, I decided to use the "I'm eating for 2" excuse. Well I'm sending the other half of for a vasectomy so no more excuses ^.^

    Looking forward to getting to know you all
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  3. MissPiggyFi

    MissPiggyFi somebody shrink me


    I'm in a similar situation, in January my dieting ground to a halt when I found out I was pregnant. I have a beautiful baby boy and a much less beautiful baby belly!

    Good luck~ seems like you're doing really well already!! :) 16lbs in 3 weeks is fantastic
  4. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    Welcome to you both!!! and im sure in no time you will be able to get those baby bellies sorted out!!!
    Good LUCK!!!
  5. Earthmother

    Earthmother Likes to cook

    Welcome from me too. I'm a slow loser but I don't get depressed about it. Looking at lots of others here shows me that slow is also good. We all root for each other here and theres nothing too mundane or trivial to share. Loads of support coming your way from me!
  6. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever


    welcome! I know your story all to well! The strange thing is when i had my 2nd child (got pregnant when DD1 was 14 months eeeeek...still carrying that baby weight!) i dint put one lb on! All that running around After a toddler must hae burnt all the family bags of choccies off! But as soon as i had DD2 the weight piled on cos i was still eating for 2!

    You can tottaly do this! youve done it before! post lots and you will do fab!

    speak soon!

    love katie!

    ps your name makes me want a McDonalds yummmmmmmmmmm hahahah

  7. Short for my weight

    Short for my weight Full Member

    Hiya, welcome to the forum and good luck with your weight loss. xxx


    hi girlies dont worr bout the baby belly i believe that wen ever a women has a baby our bodies r never the same, we all hate it but its quite normal , ul b just fine and i look forward to gettin to know u all more, i still have a baby belly and even wen i lost loads of weight after havin baby i went really small but i still had a lil bit of baby belly so dont stress girlies
  9. flabbybumbum

    flabbybumbum On a mission

    Welcome to the baby belly club!!

    Good luck with your weightloss x
  10. FattyMcBigbum

    FattyMcBigbum Gold Member

    thanks everyone, good luck to all of you too :)

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