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Invisable Bruises..

Hi all, i just posted this on the cabridge bit but i was wondering if anyone from here could help?

This is a strange one i know,

But recently iv noticed that iv got invisable bruises that are quite painfull on my lower back and a few on my legs and just noticed one on my elbow.

I orginally didnt think it had anything to do with the diet but i just googled and a few people following a low carb diet have noticed this, has anyone else?

As some of you already know i order my shakes from avidlite and use them in the same way as cambridge (which is y im always posting on this forum, i fit better here!lol)
They are meal replacments so contain the same vits and mins as cambridge, so it shouldnt be sue to a lack of them.

any ideas? or anyone else had this?

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How strange! I did Atkins which is very low carb and never had anything like this.
Hi jim,
Afew ppl have mentioned having it, ur one of the luckyones not to! i wake up feeling like iv been beaten up lol!

just been told its caused my a lack of vitamin K.

Strange tho isnt it?

check out ur weighloss!!! wow! :)
Oh well, either that or I had so much fat I couldn't feel it. LOL ;)


Gone fishing

They are meal replacments so contain the same vits and mins as cambridge,

I don't think they do. I know the balance of macronutrients can be different. Much depends on which avidlite product you get. Have you compared the vit/minerals between the two?

any ideas? or anyone else had this?

Bruising can occur on Cambridge due to different needs of vit K, but it shows. I've never heard of invisible bruising.

I suppose you could contact avidlite and ask them which vit or min (or lack of), you need to supplement with? Or perhaps have a word with your dr to be on the safe side :)
I have found that I am bruising more than I used to and my thighs feel really bruised. They tend to feel dead or like pins and needles, nowhere else - just my thighs.

I thought it was just me.

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