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Irish Slimmer

Hi everybody, Im new to slimming world but have been reading all your posts for a few months. I am trying to do slimming world myself but have difficulties in finding some of the products in Ireland. Especially quark, fromage frais and 0% greek yoghurt. Ive been on plan now for two weeks and have lost 4lb and intend to lose 2 and a half stone this summer. Ye are so inspiring with all your comments and huge losses. I feel I can do it this time. :)
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Hi Red Setter, I live in the North, but I've seen it mentioned on here that people have got Quark in EuroSpar, do you have one of those near you?

For the Fat Free Fromage frais, I had a nightmare finding that even up here, but I've found that the larger branches of Sainsbury's do it (do you have Sainsburys in ROI? I'm not sure)


Also, in the Slimming World 'Overseas' section there is an Ireland section so I'm sure someone on there could help :D x
Hi lolacola thanks for reply. My first time posting so a bit slow in finding my way around. Thanks for reply and yes we do have Eurospar but not Sainsbury.
We also have Marks and Spencer so I will have a look when Im in there again. We also have Tesco and they used to do th 0% greek yoghurt but not anymore.
I was born in London and lived there for many years so miss all the shops. Will have to take a drive over the border some weekend! Thanks again x
Hi Red Setter. Welcome to the forum!! Whereabouts in Ireland are you? There's a company called Kilbeg who are the only Irish makers of quark and if you check their website they have details of where they supply to. Failing that quark can be bought in Polish stores, I think the name is Twaróg or something. I'm on my phone at the moment but have it saved on my laptop so will check for you tomorrow.

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Hey redsetter, we have a thread for Irish members in the overseas section. Poppy over there passed on info from her consultant - that you can make your own quark by lining a sieve with kitchen paper and pouring fat free yogurt in and leaving it overnight. What's left in the kitchen paper in the morning is quark.

As regards fromage frais and Greek yogurt - I just substitute with ff Nat yogurt.
Hi Kezabel thanks a million for reply. Im living in Cork. I will look up that website in a moment and try the polish shops tomorrow. It would be great to get it as there would be so many different recipes i could try. I already tried mixing cottage cheese and natural yoghurt but it didnt taste too good!:)
Hi sus_murf another Cork woman! Thanks for info. I cant believe all the help Im getting and I only posted a while ago. I will try that with the yoghurt too. I havent seen many posts from Ireland so was delighted to hear from ye. Most of my friends have never even heard of slimming world. A few go to Weight Watchers but I couldn't be a prisioner to counting points all the time. I will check the overseas section now as well x:)
I was going to say what sus_murf said too but typing on the phone is a pain, lol. I think you put a pinch of salt in with the yogurt and you'll be left with quark.
It really is a pain trying to source things in Ireland.
Oh by the way sus_murf, I think I know you from another Irish forum ;)

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Thanks kezabel. I will try the salt as well. Its great to be on this site. Ive spent so much time searching health shops and everywhere else. Wish I'd posted long ago. I will have quark tomorrow with all these tips so no excuse! x


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Hey! I'm down in Cork too! :3

Head to Dunnes in the city centre on Patrick Street - they have it in there near the cheese/milk section. It's in white tubs with a foil lid and blue print. - Also it's in Dunnes up in blackpool. Don't get it from the English Market though as the cheese/pasta counter there has only the full fat Quark!

I'm having trouble finding Fromage Frais too :(
Ooooh, a good few of us from Cork is seems. I have also seen the Quark in Dunnes in Blackpool and Mallow. I havent looked recently for the Fromage Frais but they used to have it in Tesco in Mallow. Then again that was before the days of the Change for Good (hmmm :rolleyes:) when they seem to have revamped the store to be little more than a sweet shop now. I used to do my full weekly shop on-line with them, but can't get half the stuff from there anymore. Now I shop between Aldi and Dunnes.
Thanks everyone for all the info. Im after finding the quark in a Spar supermarket in Abbeyfeale, Co. Kerry would you believe. Was only passing through and seen it. But at least now I know where else to buy it, thanks to ye all. x
HI all i was at my meeting tonight and consultant mentioned fat free fromage frais recommended by Slimming World is the Tesco Healthy living/Light Choices brand, I bought the quark in Dunnes myself but then couldnt really think of much to do with it so ended up throwing it out as it went past its sell by date! Anyone have any tips? Was down 2.5 lbs tonight too so delighted good luck everyone! Going to Lanzarote this weekend for two weeks so really hoping that doesnt ruin everything


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That's good to hear about the FF - my local tesco doesn't have it but maybe Douglas or Mahon will.

As regards quark, I've only used it twice - for salmon "pate" - mixed with tinned salmon, lemon juice, lemon rind and parsley - I loved it, but then, I love salmon!! And also for the stuffed peppers recipe on the SW website - macaroni in quark, stuffed into peppers, topped with parmesan - was yummy!!

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