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Is 10st really impossible?


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When i've told friends that my ultimate target is 10st, (i was 19st 5lbs when i started and 5ft 6ins), they say 'what? you'll be a stick...you don't want to go that low..it won't suit you...you'll look ill, why don't you wait and see how you feel when you get to 12st?'

How does anyone know i'll look like a stick? Just wondering if anyone else has had this reaction? And is that an unrealistic target?
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Hi Doubledebra!

How tall are you? People are really funny about this. I am 5'7 and when I started I was 14.3 and I would love to get down to around 10stone. When I lost 4 stone before I got to 11.2 and people were staying oooo stop you're wasting away!

However I know that naked I still had a good stone to lose. I think when you lose a lot of weight people see such a difference you seem skinnier than most against your old self!

It really annoys me as all my lovely slim friends that are my height are between 9 and 10 stone so I say why wouldn't I want to get to 10 stone?????? If they are happy at that weight, why wouldn't I aspire to get there too????

So I would say set your goal and stick to it and ignore what everyone says, only you will know when you reach a weight you are happy with and only then should you stop. It's your body so your decision!!!!!!

Good luck hon :)


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oooohhh this annoys the crap out of me hun, and is usually said through jealousy!!! these people just dont want to see someone being slim and stunning....they are so used to having a "fat Friend" etc that its a hard habit to break!
My EX-best mate used to tell me that "maybe i am just meant to be this size"....i was a size 22 and 21 stone!! Who is MEANT to be that size???
I have the goal of 10 5, and i will only know if i look gaunt or too skinny when i get to goal and not before, so how other people can predict how you will look is insane!
Tell them to bugger off hun! They are just trying to make your doubt your own abilities!
My mum said to me that she didnt understand why i wanted to be 10 5.....so i told her to mind her own business.....i dont understand why she wants to stay at 25 stone...but i dont go lecturing her!
You just show them hun! Keep up the good work, your doing super!
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People are so used to seeing you as a larger person that they cannot imagine you at that size and project what they want for you.

If you want to lose 10 stone, you absolutely go for it. If when you get to 12 stone you are comfortable with that then have a think at that point. If you want to carry on and go for it then you do it.

This is nobody's journey other than yours. This is your weight to lose and your life to live. You make sure that you do what makes you happy and nobody else.


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I can't really add anymore than other people have. About 10 years ago I lost 3 stone (I was smaller then) and I got nagged at about looking gaunt etc. But this time everyone can b****r off! I'm doing this for me, the way I feel and my health.

Only you can decide when to stop and maintain.


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You might decide you feel fit healthy and the right size at any weight - its entirely up to you. at 10 stone I was a healthy size 12, at 9 stone I did look ill (apparently!). I'll decide when I get there. People telling you what they think you should stop at says more about them than it does about you. However well-meaning, people have a 'script' in their heads about how things are. You are cast in the script as the 'big' woman, the 'fat friend' - I know I am in my friends heads. It isn't necessarily because they don't want you to lose weight, just because you being slim doesn't fit with their script. Ignore them. Its about you and only you and their script will change in time when you're the slim one.

Of course this does rather leave out the rather more negative thoughts about jealousy, sabotage and self-interest, but I'm assuming your friends are well meaning and we don't need to go there just yet.


Back 2 finish my journey
S: 19st11lb C: 15st12lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 35.8 Loss: 3st13lb(19.86%)
Thanks everyone for all the comments and i agree completely with what you've all said. Its just nice to hear everyones take on it. I will decide myself when i've done enough. the funny thing is these reactions have mainly come from my OH's male friends, do you think this is because they see it as a competition who has the best looking bird? or is it as they tell me that most men prefer curvy girls?


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S: 14st0lb C: 12st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.2 Loss: 1st8lb(11.22%)
Depending on your height you might still be 'curvy' at 10 stone...... just see how 'you' feel, that's the only person that REALLY matters :)


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Hi DoubleDebra

Everyone above is right - only you can decide when you reach a weight you are happy with! And people do have strange reactions to weight loss - my boss told me that she thinks I am 'sad' and that I am indanger of losing my curves - unlikely as I am still 12 stone 4! But I like to think that it comes from genuine concern...?!
Ultimately we all have to look ourselves in the eye and when you like what you see, that's all that matters! You go your own way, honey!
P.S. If men really do like curves, that's a bonus for me! xx


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Hey Hon..
Just wanted to say your doing fab!! what the others have said I totally agree with..
I would tend to ignore what people say there are alot of jealous people out there even the ones that are supposed to be your 'friends'.. they like others to stay fat.. some people get scared!!
Rise above it, dont answer to anyone. and chose your goal which you can always change..
I set my goal when i first started but I know I do want to be lower than my goal......
I always have others saying surely you have not got much to go and I say know not really Im nearly there!!! that way they cant say anything!!
Your doing great keep smiling .. and dont worry about anyone but YOU!!!! xxxx


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i would think go with your bmi, my ideal is 23-24 i think sticking between 22 and 25 is healthy xx

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