is 16lbs to lose by april realistic???


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Im going to the gym 3 times a week for an hour each time doing 45 mins cardio, 15 weights. Ive been doing 3 hours of pole dancing a week, and about 20 minutes of fast paced dancing a day.
is this enough excerise as well as a balanced diet?

i've been eating for example,

porridge for breakfast with fruit

chicken salad for lunch and bottled water and some fruit

tea i have chicken with veg, or pasta in a tomato sauce,

snaks are low fat crisps such as quavers or fruit, or carrot sticks with low fat homous.

does this seem sensible?
obviously i dont just eat this every day haha but as a general guide

a reply from anyone would be really appreciated!
thank uuu
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I would think one pound a week would be possible and achievable- so by the end of April you should have lost about 13 pounds.

Good luck with your dieting and exercising!


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sounds pretty much perfect in fact! Very easy to stick to and nice and gradual :) The only changes I would make are to make certain you are eating wholegrain pasta and rice but otherwise, well done!

Wish I could get the same motivation to exercise as you though :D

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It sounds good, just make sure your portion sizes are ok though, even if you're eating good food, there's still a way of piling on the piles if the portions aren't right (I'm living proof of that haha). Good luck!
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New to this!!

Hi there,

You seem pretty healthy to me and have a great programme. I think you can achieve your goal over time if you stick with the plan. I want to lose some initial weight a bit quicker. Any advice?

P.S. How do I get a post visible like yours - on front page!! Not sure how these things work


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I think it is possible. I am going to join your little mission. I want to be dream goal by my wedding day - granted its August but I still have a few stubborn pounds to go!