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is 16lbs to lose by april realistic???


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Im going to the gym 3 times a week for an hour each time doing 45 mins cardio, 15 weights. Ive been doing 3 hours of pole dancing a week, and about 20 minutes of fast paced dancing a day.
is this enough excerise as well as a balanced diet?

i've been eating for example,

porridge for breakfast with fruit

chicken salad for lunch and bottled water and some fruit

tea i have chicken with veg, or pasta in a tomato sauce,

snaks are low fat crisps such as quavers or fruit, or carrot sticks with low fat homous.

does this seem sensible?
obviously i dont just eat this every day haha but as a general guide

a reply from anyone would be really appreciated!
thank uuu
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I would think one pound a week would be possible and achievable- so by the end of April you should have lost about 13 pounds.

Good luck with your dieting and exercising!


One day at a time :)
sounds pretty much perfect in fact! Very easy to stick to and nice and gradual :) The only changes I would make are to make certain you are eating wholegrain pasta and rice but otherwise, well done!

Wish I could get the same motivation to exercise as you though :D

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
It sounds good, just make sure your portion sizes are ok though, even if you're eating good food, there's still a way of piling on the piles if the portions aren't right (I'm living proof of that haha). Good luck!
New to this!!

Hi there,

You seem pretty healthy to me and have a great programme. I think you can achieve your goal over time if you stick with the plan. I want to lose some initial weight a bit quicker. Any advice?

P.S. How do I get a post visible like yours - on front page!! Not sure how these things work


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I think it is possible. I am going to join your little mission. I want to be dream goal by my wedding day - granted its August but I still have a few stubborn pounds to go!