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is 3lbs a week too ambitious?


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Hi bootcamp bud! I think its possible if you really kick up the excersise as well. You may not lose 3 everyweek but the total maybe do able. I trust in myself a little less so put down 2 a week plus 2 on top of the total to make a round 30. I think if you keep your goal then it'll give you the incentive to keep intensity with excersise and no room for cheats. So ambitious- yes, but possible x


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I agree that it's ambitious - but I'm hoping it's possible because I'd like the same! I have planned that I'll lose 2lbs a week so as not to be disappointed, but secretly I'm hoping for 3lbs some weeks. I'm starting Atkins tomorrow and am going to really go for it with 3 gym sessions a week, so all that should amount to good losses I think. Got my fingers crossed for you!


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S: 13st10lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.9 Loss: 0st13lb(6.77%)
Good luck on your journey Kay. You will probably see pretty good losses in your first couple of weeks on the plan, then they will likely slow a little, but Atkins is a great plan for those who like to eat and lose weight!


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always aim low then you're less likely to be disappointed. Me I'd be happy with a bloody pound!!


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I'm reaching for 3lbs a weeks being rigid and plenty of exercise too. But I'm also trying to keep a realistic eye on things too because it really is a lot to hope for but there's no reason for us not to at least aim for it! The thing about Atkins to remember is that every pound is pure fat lost so any loss is good. That's what I'll be telling myself as I go along. Good luck and keep us posted!!


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I guess the key is how long you can be strict. I can easily lose 2-3 pounds a week.....but i can't keep it up week after week; the problem is carb creep and drinking/partying - if you can seriously control that - go for it!


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There's only one way to find out....go for it!

One thing I will say though is make sure you eat plenty if you're doing a lot of exercise. carbs are perfect for workouts and we don't have as many of them as we used to!

Just don't give up


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I am planning on eating every 3hrs even if it is a lettuce leaf and some ham! and working out as much as I can and water water water!!!

I am itching to get going now but there is absolutely no point until wednesday as I have birthday cake and a meal out


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i'll aim for 1lb a week, i know my body!
so, if i can lose 1 stone by the end of this i will be very happy.

my problem is wine. you will need to chide me!


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I am going to get my sister to take a before and after picture aswell
Weight loss on Atkins isn't as measurable as on, say, a VLCD. There are so many variables that it is impossible to predict losses accurately.

For someone very heavily overweight at the start of Induction a 3lb a week loss might be sustainable. Otherwise such a fast rate of loss would mean eating very little, and Dr Atkins himself strongly advised against this. Too little food on Atkins can stall losses!

Atkins involves eating fat to burn fat - this is a basic tenet of the 'diet'. A strange concept for most of us to take on board, but it is true.

No reason why you should not see a very good loss during the first few weeks but thereafter please don't beat yourself up if you don't lose fast. It's just not that kind of diet.

Good luck!


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Its always good to have a nice goal to aim for!
As long as it doesnt knock you back if you don't reach your goals every week! The body is a wierd thing, sometimes I lose lots, sometimes none!

But we'll be cheering you along all the way :D
ok this won't be popular but what the hell!

I'm not sure 'clean and green' is all it's cracked up to be...

*feels Jim staring a hole into the back of my head*

hear me out people!

In the Atkins book, he talks about a 90% carb diet, a 90% protein diet and a 90% fat diet.

The carb diet they stayed the same or gained, I can't remember.

The protein diet they lost an average of 0.7 pounds per day.

The fat diet they lost an average of 0.9 pounds per day.

This was all based on 1000 calories if I remember correctly. Atkins also mentions that the ratio of fat to carbs seems to have an impact on losses. The higher the ratio of fat to carbs the more fat is lost. This is why he recommends macadamia nuts as the perfect Atkins food.

So, clean? Yes. Green? I'm not so sure...

If you could do clean and high fat I think 3 pounds a week is more than achievable. I'm not saying don't have any vegetables. Mushrooms for example are 0.4g per 100g, but the more 'green' you add the higher the carbs and the lower the losses IMO compared to a high fat clean diet.

I've seen many people say lean and green = faster losses. I don't agree...it's just a personal opinion! I'm not saying i'm right!


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Didn't the old-style Atkins have a lot less carbs - or none at all?
I don't know to be honest but Taubes talks about doctors prescribing diets which were 100% meat where people saw dramatic losses.

I'm very much in the paleo camp which believes we used to survive on meat, fish, nuts, berries etc. Anything we could hunt or gather.

Not everyone agrees and we'll never know for sure but most of my opinions are based on the hunting aspect.


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Interesting, perhaps a diet trial is in order. I might do a week of each and see what happens


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i;m with you james, i think i lose better when i do slightly less greeen, but then the toilet troubles kick in, it's a bit of a circle!


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I guess that it will depends what suits each person. Given im on atkins as a woe i would give up pretty fast without my veg - and i can lose with it anyway. Dont want to lose too fast as will probably all go back on- and finally after first three months my body is happy with prot/veg/water mix so i dont have to take anything extra to help the insides:)


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today I have had 3 cups of cabbage equalling 15g net carbs and the rest of my carbs came from cheese and egg.

It is really not alot of veg at all, I realise where I was going wrong before as I was eating alot more veg and clearly under estimating carb content

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