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Is 810 worth it?

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I don't really drink milk so i have a tub of Greek yoghurt 0% fat which is really good. Sometimes I mix a tiny bit of the shake powder in too.

If you're ss-ing i'd go to 810 as it's not such an extreme jump. But your CDC is the one who has the experience and maybe she has her reasons that are suitable for you.

I am on 810 and am losing more weight on that than I did on SS+. I have changed it slightly so that I have a 150 cal breakfast form the 1000 cal plan and cut out a shake to accommodate this, then I split my evening meal allowance in 2 and have half lunchtime and half at dinner time. I also turn one of my shakes into a mixamousse and divide it into 2 bowls (make it with 300ml water), so I now have 3 meals a day, plus 2 shakes... feels like eating normally plus I am losing more weight. Oh yes, the skimmed milk I tend to use part of it on my breakfast, then during the day I whisk up a small amount with my hand blender and put it on top of my cup of coffee and sprinkle it with cinnamon, just like a cappucinno, and once whisked I think it tastes like full milk, so the coffee is delish, almost feel like I am cheating.... lol
I know a few people that make up the shakes with the skimmed milk too.

Im a firm believer that working up the plans properly is the way to do it, I reckon if Id done that the first time I wouldnt be here now ;)


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I think that a jump fro SS+ to 1000 is too sudden, better to do at least a week of 810. I loved 810 and did it for ages, just had a bit of milk in coffee as I am not crazy about milk either, but it was the protein & veg meal that made it so good. When I stepped up to 1000 I felt like it was masses of food & the carb content took some getting used to as well. If I'd gone to 1000 from SS I think I'd have gone overboard and lost the plot completely... the steps are really well worked out and best to go up gradually. Surprised your CDC thinks differently as the CD booklet is pretty clear about it?

why do you think you will go out of ketosis? skimmed milk is already in many of the shakes anyway. If you stick to plan you wont go out of ketosis. Stepping up to 810 for a week will replenish your metabolism, so the week after you will see a nice loss. It does really work. Try to stick to plan because straying, like some do, may work for them, but you dont know if it will work for you. Its a gamble. CD has been tried and tested(as the logo suggests) for years and the best results come from the majority that stick to plan.YES, 810 works and NO, you will not come out of ketosis.Good luck.


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Thanks for this thread! I am also in the process of moving up to our (Swedish) equivalent to the 810 plan, but find it hard to plan my meals since I can't count calories :D.

Does anyone have a few suggestions for the protein and veg meal that you would like to share?
Thanks for this thread! I am also in the process of moving up to our (Swedish) equivalent to the 810 plan, but find it hard to plan my meals since I can't count calories :D.

Does anyone have a few suggestions for the protein and veg meal that you would like to share?
There are numerous sites online to help you count cals. Try it!! there is also a thread (above) about meal suggestions for 810.:)


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I think that everybodys different-I didnt stay in ketosis during my 810 week which I followed 100% (had a blip the last day of the week but Id tested earlier on and wasnt in ketosis) Think (not sure on this though) that the manual says that 810 knocks most people out of ketosis. Not that you need to be in ketosis to loose weight!, just helps with cravings as you dont tend to feel hungry while in ketosis. Like others have said I think going straight to 1000 would be a big jump! hope all goes well whatever you choose.


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I stayed in ketosis on 810 but as Angela says we are all different. One thing is for sure... on 1000 you WILL come out of ketosis because of the carbs. Just don't understand why CDC would suggest jumping ahead like that, especially if you are anxious about ketosis. As Welland says, trust 810 and trust CD - it works, if you do it by the book!

I'm really struggling on 100% SS, my cdc said that next week I can have some bars and on the days I'm finding really hard have a 200kcal meal, does this sound about right? It sounds as though it would be better for me as I really have struggled with my emotions this last week and towards the end of the week more or less constantly in tears but at the same time I don't want to ruin what I have achieved so far.
im on 810, i love it, sticks also show im in ketosis - not dark but light pink,

my cdc has said to watch the veg and make sure my meal is mostly protein. and i have Total 0% fat greek yogurt instead of milk. (and i make an amazing tandoori with powder and some Total - couldnt be without it and will eat it when not on CD!)
810 was my favourite plan, did it for 5 months and lost about 7 stone on it. I was in ketosis all the way but not all are. Its not a bad plan though.
I have just been to the supermarket and bought some decaf coffee and skimmed milk. Frothed up the milk and put in the decaf- it was really good - thanks for suggesting this option
I'm not a milk drinker either, but I used to warm the milk with a chocolate tetra and have a hot chocolate before bed, also sometimes added a spoonful of coffee so it was like a mocha.