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is a blender necessary for soup?

I don't have a blender or even a hand blender. I've got a cheap plastic shaker. For the soups I put a little bit of cold water in the shaker, then the powder. I then pour the paste into a bowl and fill it up with boiling hot water....mmmmm

My fav? Tomatoe and basil LUSH!!!!!!!

Good luck my lovely x


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Bloody luxury you lot! I've got a fork that I whisk it up with, bit lumpy but then so am I ;) x
Yep hand balloon whisk works better for soups -lumps is horrible. I follow one of the stickies or first posts that says put a bit more water in a pan when warmed add powder blend then heat to right temp. It said to add stuff so I add chilli podwer to Thai and tomato /pepper to mushroom and veg.
I use a whisk for soup and just and a plastic beaker for the shakes but I am contemplating buying a blending bottle on ebay which is a plastic beaker with a round ball with slits in the middle which acts as a whisk they are supposed to be good so think I'm going to order one this weekend. Hope this helps xx

thanks everyone, managed with a fork today as i could nt find a whisk but great minds think alike, have just ordered the cup with the whisk ball.

has to be said the thai chicken soup was really nice, far better than ll.

shona xx
Great think I'll order one now ... I put fresh corriander and chilli flakes in my Thai Chicken Soup! Its gorg x

i loved the veg soup too, tried the mushroom one, but it was scarily lumpy, hopefully it wont be too long before the magic cup comes.

what do you put in the tomato soup, im dreading it as i dont usually like tinned tomato soup, but as im proud owner of 21 sachets im gonna have to try one soon, thought i might throw in tabasco.

shona xx

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