is any one losing weight to have IVF

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by Trendytracz, 18 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. Trendytracz

    Trendytracz Full Member

    I am losing weight cause I need to get Ivf I hope to get it in 2010 and they wont do it if ur bmi is over 30 is anyone eles doing the same thing:wave_cry:
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  3. vikh

    vikh Full Member

    I'm doing this as it looks like we might need some form of help and I know the first thing they will say is for me to loose weight....i decided if i lost it now then it might either help me fall pregnant or speed up things if we still havent managed.....and boy have we tried lol
  4. Trendytracz

    Trendytracz Full Member

    hope it works out for u I know how u feel x
  5. Lynn8124

    Lynn8124 Gold Member

    Hiya, just wanna wish you all the best on your journey.:) I have pcos and was told I won't get help unless i lose weight. I am not ttc atm (need a man first lol;)) but I'd like to get the weight off sooner as later.
  6. Purpleangel

    Purpleangel Silver Member

    hey there, i am in exactly the same position. My IVF is due in Jan 2010. We will have been waiting 2 years for the IVF by then. I am losing weight because i want to give myself the best chance at it.

    I hope it works out for you :)
  7. Trendytracz

    Trendytracz Full Member

    thanks hope it all works out for u's 2 :D
  8. vikh

    vikh Full Member

    Cheers and good luck to us all

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