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Is anyone as unfit as me?

I'm sorry I dont know where to post stuff really, or what the sub sections mean etc
This is the first forum of any kind that I've joined and I discovered it by accident yesterday when I was researching slimming clubs. Got so excited by it I decided just to wade in and learn the technical stuff as I go. I just want to ask you about fitness. I am a bit of a lazy lump and dont get much exercise. As I hate exercise classes and the gym, (believe me, I've tried them all), my doctor suggested I just try walking, this is OK but when walking I get burning pain in my calves after about a minute or so and find I cant walk more than 7-8 minutes before needing to rest. I am also out of breath. My doctor said this will lessen as I gain more stamina, anyone confirm this? I gave up smoking 3 years ago so it isnt that. ( I was 2 stone overweight then, and gained another 3 stone).
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Morning Earthmother, i know how you feel about gyms and aerobics etc ive been there done that too and its not for me. What I intend on doing this time is swimming and walking. Although you can only do 7-8 mins just now, in a couple of weeks you will prob find you can extend that to 10-12 mins and so on, within a month you could be up to 20-25 mins a day with plenty practice. I only gave up smoking 6 weeks ago and already up a stone!! Hence the xenical!!!
Good luck, Pamela xx

You could maybe try some stretches before walking to loosen the muscles and warm them up a bit in your calves.
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hey there , firstly dont worry. when i first embarked on my weightloss journey i were so unfit i couldnt walk more then 10 minutes without stopping to rest.. i was 24 stone and walking was almost impossible.... yet thats what i first choose to do.. my first exercise step was walking along the prom at first for ten minutes with a few rests then for 15 then 20 and before i knew it i could walk for ages... it takes a good few weeks of walking daily to boost the stanima but your doc is 100 percent right..

get yourself a really good selection of boosting music on a mp3 player/ipod or even a phone lol. and use that to help you take your mind of the pain... instead of counting minutes you could count songs... it might make it seem less !.

goodluck. xx
Thanks for replies. Very encouraging. I am starting to feel very at home here and very enthusiastic about losing weight. I feel its a more interactive than a slimming class. Not to mention less mind-numbing than sitting for an hour applauding everyone who has managed an ounce or two. You are inspirational Piink. I know I am going to love my new forum family.
and you dont have to thank us thats what we are here for.!!

welcome to the xenical family x
I know exactly how you feel I have always hated exercise and slimming clubs and have always found reasons/excuses to avoid going but this time it is different.

I have found a way to exercise that seems to suit me. I started off gradually and now make sure I do some form of exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.
This includes going lane swimming (the first time was the hardest but I just got in the 'slow' lane and nobody took any notice of me at all) 2 or 3 times a week the other days I spend 30 minutes walking on the treadmill (I listen to my i-pod and the time goes by really quickly). I have also just started doing some exercises from a Rosemary Conley DVD - they're great because each section only lasts 10 minutes so you can stop or carry on as much as you want.

I think the main thing is to find something that suits you and do it at a time that is convenient to you not when you have to rush around doing other things, that's why I try and get my exercise done early in the day so that it's out of the way and I don't have to spend the rest of the day thinking about it.

Sorry I've gone on a bit, but if I can do it believe me anybody can!!

Good Luck
Shorty x


Xmas goal, here I come!
I go through the same thing, try this- do 2 min of fast as you can go walking then 1 min of comfortable walking, then repeat. i also find it way more comfortable and pain free to walk on a treadmill. I cannot walk on a hard surface for exercise. Hope this helps.
I think the main thing is to find something that suits you and do it at a time that is convenient to you not when you have to rush around doing other things

thats the way!!!!


Gonna do it this time

Yup I was exactly the same. I've decided not to join the gym or anything at the moment because I think being so unfit would just really put me off. I've been walking to and from my kids school with them. There is a bit of a climb half way there and the first few times I was having to stop half way up but today I realised I was at the top before I knew it (and managed to keep going). Its so hard but as you said find something that suits you and its a case of sticking with it.

Good luck.


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absoluetly, get some great tunes on the player and do little bits each time..
i was exactly the same before i became a nanny (now im non stop all day ehhhh)
do little bit fast, then slow right down...
take as many breaks as you need for as long as you need them. you will soon realise that you can go further than the last time!!
Keep going.... you can do it! (thats what i kept saying to myself!)


Go on smile! =)
Music is the key to excersie imo. Get a nice playlist you enjoy and go for it :p

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