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Is anyone doing Exante ts after LL?


I successfully did LL and lost about four stone, I then had a baby and put back on loads of weight.

I have now weaned my baby so started food packs three days ago, I cannot wait to lose all this weight, I don't feel like my self and none of my clothes fit.

The reason I chose Exante was because it is so much cheaper but I miss the cbt that you get with LL. It really helped me identify why i was eating and kept me motivated. But I clearly slipped back into old habits. Looking back on it I think my stomach getting bigger with the pregnancy made me feel fat therefore I told myself 'oh I'm fat, what's the point I might as well give up'. So I did, I'm so annoyed with myself!

I only ordered soups and bars from Exante as I didn't like the shakes on LL but they're both minging!! Does anyone know of any swapping scheme?


I need to remind myself of all the hard work I put in to the LL cbt, is anyone else wanting to go over what they learnt during the LL programme?

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You can't do swapping on this site at all, it's banned. You may also find, after a few days that you get used to them. You can also add herbs / spices / tabasco etc to the soups to give you a bit of variety. The shakes are great too, not as sweet / strong as LL ones (imo) You can also mix them up with coffee, or put things like cinnamon in them for a bit of variety.

I did LL before this. Like you, I'd done LL and then had a little one. And am now here to lose the weight again (well, now lower than I ever got on LL :) )

I've got the Beck diet solution book, which I'm just starting at the moment and it's got daily things to do for 6 weeks, also CBT to help you address what's going on. I'm finding it really helpful, you may find it gives you the structure and tackling of food issues that you're missing from LL.

Anyway, welcome and good luck :)
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Sorry for short reply running off but just wanted to say welcome, and when I did LL I lived off soups and bars but now on Exante I only have shakes they are much nicer :) hope that helps :) good luck!
Thanks for the info and I think I'll buy that book.

I think I'm now in ketosis, which has helped. It's all coming back to me now, once you get into ketosis you stop thinking about food and start thinking of the packs as fuel.

I need to get through all the soups so am now halving them so it's not so much to get through and I can down it, I think i'll order the variety pack next time.

The Tabasco, I'd completely forgotten but I went through nearly two catering sized bottles when I did LL.

I think the other reason I put the weight on again was because I stopped doing thought records. I slipped back into using food to numb what i was feeling.

Such bad bad way to deal with my problems. It's so silly because if you're upset about something you're already feeling the pain, eating food just makes you upset that you're fat.

Any ideas how to stop falling back into bad habits?


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S: 21st11lb C: 18st9lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 38.5 Loss: 3st2lb(14.43%)
The thing I've found, is that when you're on the packs, it really exposes to you when it's emotional triggers that are sending you to eat. You then have a choice what to do with it, whether to jump into whatever food you find in the fridge /cupboard etc, or have some water /distract yourself and deal with whatever the actual trigger is.

For me, when I'm dieting with food, I find it much harder to work out if it's emotional triggers. I guess the important thing is having strategies for dealing with those days when you want to eat the whole house! For me, this site is great, writing your own diary and / or reading others diaries... in particular reading how people feel after they've opted for food instead of following the diet, and remembering it's a choice you've made to lose the weight.

Good luck with it :)
Thanks for that. I'm new to mimimins and haven't got the hang of the site I didn't realise there was a diary option, I might start one.

I still find it hard to identify why I'm eating, it's so much harder when you're fat. The fat becomes the reason for over eating. In the spur of the moment I know I tell myself 'you're fat anyway so what difference does it make'. I think that's why ts works for me, it takes the fat away quickly and you don't have to make any food choices therefore I can't lie to myself about portions sizes etc etc etc

I know ts works, I know I can do it, I HAVE to be thinner, I am so miserable when I'm fat, I don't even want to go out and see my friends. Being fat sucks!

I can't wait to be thin again, I just want to make sure I maintain the weight loss this time!

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