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Is anyone else TIRED?

S: 12st12lb C: 11st3lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 25.3 Loss: 1st9lb(12.78%)
I just wondered if anybody else is having issues with being exhausted?

During attack phase I had loads more energy than usual (realised I hadn't been eating enough protein previously) but now in my second week of cruise I am relying on 3-5 coffees a day, plus 1 diet coke!

I also have tried to get back to the gym, but this is much much harder than it was even 3 weeks ago. I know Dukan says to keep the exercise light, but my workouts aren't too hardcore by any means - I'm worried that what everyone says about not exercising without carbohydrates is true.

Is anyone else keeping up a gym routine? if so, anything in the diet I should be eating before a workout that you can suggest?

Any advice welcome

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To be honest I have not felt tired during this diet unless it is my totm (which I always get). Are you sure you are eating enough protein with the vegetables? Also coffee and caffeine can make you tired when you crash from it. I have been doing Zumba on this diet and also active throughout the day and looking after a 3 year old and two allotments. I have more energy now that I have for many years. I could just be lucky!
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i would agree.. while i haven't been on dukan very long, i am an avid gym user and find that the more coffee i drink the more tired i am. prior to Dukan i was relying on coffee on days when i was really wrecked but the "medicine" does more damage than being tired naturally.

i read somewhere that if you drink too much caffeine on a regular basis it can cause a whole host of side effects, not least moodiness, tiredness etc.

Try cutting out the caffeine for a few days and while you wont feel as energetic going into your gym work out, there will be a healthy steady energy release which means you wont crash after.

and as said above, protein is really really key, even if you werent on dukan it can be so beneficial when gyming, depending of course on what your doing in the gym.


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I haven't felt tired at all on this diet, before I started it I had taken up running but thought I would wait until conso until I started running again when I reintroduced some carbs, however I couldn't stop as I love running so much and the protein gives me enough energy to run 3 miles every day


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I've been tired - the book says that it is a normal response to weight loss - the body is trying to conserve energy. I stick to caffeine only in the morning and do decaf the rest of the day and when I feel extra tired go grab myself a snack. It's definitely worse on pure protein days, on protein + vegetable days I feel much better. I also try to get up and do some stretches and drink extra water when the tiredness hits. It helps!
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I was really tired in the first couple of weeks of cruise but it went and I actually put it down to monthly cycle. I go to the gym for an hour or swim for an hour most days and generally walk for an hour too. If I do feel tired I eat some more protein, you really do have to make sure you are having enough especially on PP days. Oh, and drinking loads help too. My Dh is doing this too but didn't suffer from tiredness at all, which was very annoying at the time!
S: 12st12lb C: 11st3lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 25.3 Loss: 1st9lb(12.78%)
Thanks all for your replies - I was offline for a couple of days.

I guess I'm in the minority then - perhaps it is because it's early days, and I definitely need to think about limiting my caffeine.
I know I'm getting plenty of good quality protein, so it's not that.

Anyway, went back to the gym today and it was a lot better, loads more energy. Perhaps I was just having an 'off week'. Or more likely the fact that as I'm not working today, I had an hour or so to digest my galette before the gym, so had decent food in my stomach.

Hopefully the new phase will continue....

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