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Is cambridge diet fatal?


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Done properly and properly monitored CD is as safe as any other diet. So many of the scare stores you read(about CD and other VLCDS) are exactly that - scare stories and often you only get the sensational facts and not the full information. I really wouldn't worry. Late periods can be for a variety of reasons - including rapid weight loss as you fat cells store oestrogen and the sudden release of this can play havoc - some people miss periods others have endless ones, some get heavier ones , others lighter - it really does depend on the individual.

bad breathing - do you mean bad breath or difficulty breathing - if its bad breath again thats a side product of any VLCD - as you burn fat your body produces ketones , the excess of these are expelled via your urine and in your breath.

If its difficulty breathing I would go and see your Dr - its very unlikely to be caused by CD but you might have an underlying condition.

Hope you are OK

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