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is CD right for me?

im 18 an weigh 13 stone.
i have tried diets on and off all through my teenage years.
i want to weigh 9 stone, as i am only 5ft 2 i think that this isnt a silly goal?
would the cambridge diet be suitable for this sort of loss. i want it all to go quickly - that way i can then work at maintaining this weight. i want to feel happy with the way i look.
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I love this diet, i've also tried every other diet under the sun, and have failed miserably every time. CD works for me, I've not cheated once, and feel fit and full of energy. It's really tough to start with, but you soon get used to it. That said, it doesn't suit everyone.
you do jump around :p, cambrige is a very good diet for a loss, the problem for me was keep it off :p... its 3 meal replacements a day if you can go without food and drink water and stay focused goo for it you can do it quickly this way the key is keep it off !!! and maintaining... if you go to the cambridge web page you can find a local councellor you will have 3 shakes or meal replacements aday and its around 35 quid tops depending on area i think... this forum is a great support seen and if you think it will make you feel good inside go for it, i got down to 10 stone on it and i felt fantastic :p now im doing it at 2 pound a week because slow for me is key :p good luck hope that helps :D Amy
Hey yes ofcourse this diet is for you, i to struggled with other diet's.. always going in my head oh what can i have for tea etc.

This diet is so restricting, and it works 100%

give it a try hun, you wont regret it :)


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Hi fitforuni,

CD is a food replacement diet which is a tough diet to do and most people eventually find there way to using this type of diet when they have failed on most other diets along the way.

You have to fill out a medical questionnaire form and if you have no medical problems that would rule out you doing this type of diet then you can go ahead.

The guidelines for weight loss is a stone a month for a woman and stone and half to two stone for a man... and this does seem to average out over the course of a few months on the diet.

Some of course may lose more and others less as we are all unique in how the weight comes off at the end of the day.

The first thing is to find yourself a CDC and make an appointment and discuss it with her/him.

The quick weight loss on a diet like this does motivate you froward and you gain strength in knowing that it is actually working as you see the scales go down.

Cambridge Diet home page

You will find a CDC on the Cambridge Diet site.

Also on the thread below.


Be sure to let us know how you get on.

Love Mini xxx

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