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Is exercise to blame?


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Just a question ive started exercising 3 weeks ago:

1st week: exercised 3 times in the week- 2 brisk walks and a go at jogging plus a few sessions on the wii fit weigh in:STS

2nd week: 5.5mile walk around the zoo and a body combat class weigh in: + 0.5lb

This really really has annoyed me ive been 100% on my diet and there has been no change in the amount i eat or drink in comparison to before i started exercising.

Been on SW for 10 months 4st 9.5lbs down can anyone suggest why i have seem to have had this sts and small gain!!
Is exercise to blame?? And if so do i persevere and give it a few weeks and i should have a bigger loss?

Advice would be helpful as i feel ive completely wasted my time startin the whole exercise regime as im goin backwards!!

:( x
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i know for me if i exercise,,it takes the scales about a week to catch up,,keep at it,,you'll see inch's off if nothing else:)


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Thanks for replying :) i really hope its pays off im getting disheartened by it thats all im so close to my 5 stone and being so determined just feel that my hard work is gettin thrown back in my face :( x
When you start exercising, your body builds lactic acid & this can lead to your muscles retaining water. Are staying hydrated during and after your workouts?
Keep your chin up,keep the exercise up and stick to your eating plan and it will balance itself out.
Also (and this is becoming my warcry) measure yourself on weekly/fortnightly basis. Sometime the scales don't budge but the inches are melting away ;)
i would say that you are not doing enough exercise for lactic acid to build up (read below). your body can retain water but over 3 weeks it is unlikely. has anything changed in your diet? sometimes exercise makes you hungry and you up the carbs a bit to compensate so even though you'll be sticking to your diet your carb intake could be higher. carbs can make your body retain water.

lactic acid when exercising - this creates the heavy legs or dead legs feeling. when you have used all available fuel in your body then your body creates lactic acid as a way of releasing energy to use in the body. i've experienced lactic acid when i've been training hard for a half marathon. also around 6 miles in to a run your carb store is usually gone and your body then has to turn to fat to burn for fuel. you will then start to feel tired and probably a burning sensation in your muscles. this is the feeling of lactic acid build up. do you feel like this?

my usual week consists of the following (and i don't get lactic acid build up but i can retain water):-

mondays - swimming
tuesdays - core stability, 5 mile run then 1 hr of high intensity (as in non-stop) zumba
wednesdays - 1 hr of high intensity zumba
thursdays - core stability and 1hr of high intensity zumba
fridays - 4-5 mile run
sat - nothing
sundays - at the min a short couple of mile run to stretch my legs (length depends on what i'm training for - if it's a half marathon i'll go for a 2 hour run).

i would agree with taking measurements. your body shape can change even if your weight STS.
Hang in there ... you will see results. I agree with the others, take your measurements once a week. When I started 30 Shred I stayed the same but lost nearly an inch on thighs and waist within 5 days.


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My weight more or less plateau'd for 3 weeks when I moved from wiifit to doing the 30 Day shred. I could hardly move after the first 2 days, and I still feel as tho someone has pumped up my quads after I've done it, but the pain has gone.
It is disheartening to see the scales stay the same, but they only tell part of the story. If you keep on exercising you will lose inches and transform your body, and you can actually end up in a smaller dress size at a heavier weight. Go by your clothes, not the numbers on the scales.
Oh and well done on the weightloss!


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Thanks all the comments! I just bit the bullet and kept goin done my 1.5 mile jog/ walk in the week and body combat today! Just bought the 30 day shred spotted it for £6 in morrisons and thought oh why not....heard alot of positive reviews about it just hope i lose this weight! X


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my weights gone up but my dress size has remained the same.....


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Laura, prepare for lots of stiffness, but it does get better!
jillian is true evil. even i find the blooming 30 day shred nasty. i watch the more advanced woman cause i want a mega burn but it's hard. i hate the jumping jacks.


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Ohhhh damn is it that bad in a strange way i cant wait to have a go now im just extremely limited on space to move around have just enough space to lie down and do a press up at the most....

Up side just managed to shift myself and been for another 1.5 mile walk/jog but im aching from yesterdays body combat but i can tell im gettin better at this jogging :) starting to quite enjoy it i just dont have the self confidence to run round the streets where i live im too self conscious so have to go to town to the local park which is a pain but im alot more comfortable running there. X


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Omg omg omg!!! (sorry excitement) im soooo chuffed ive jst been for weigh in and ive only gone and lost 3lb! Phew im so glad i persevered! :) x

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