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is it blue & green that should never be seen or


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I always said it was blue and green i've never heard of the red and green thing :D
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I've always known it as yellow and green should never been seen. but to be fair I don't think you should wear red and green togther either. blue and green you could get away with depending on the shade.
if you put green should never be seen in google on the pull down bit it gives you loads of colours that go in that saying so probably depends who taught you
Just Googled it as I had no idea!! Apparently, it's both!!

"Blue and green should never be seen, without a colour in-between"

People have been debating whether it is blue/red and green. The only thing that I got from it is ......... Green with ANY other colour is not a good idea!!!!

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Ok, most people say blue & green or is that just an Irish thing....
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been on a search found these
blue and green should never be seen expect without a colour in between
blue and green should never be seen, except on fools and flowers
Red & green should never be seen, except upon an Irish queen
My mum always says "Blue and green should never be seen, except on the back of an Irish colleen". Luckily that includes me, so I can wear blue and green check shirts to my heart's content. :)
I had the "blue and green" rhyme quoted at me when I was a child. As I always was a contrary thing (nothing has changed!) I used to say "what about bluebells then, they look nice and they have blue flowers and green leaves?". Got into trouble for answering back! But I still think that certain shades of blue and green look lovely together.

Red and green are at opposite sides of the colour spectrum. Artists use this fact to good effect in landscapes - Constable and Corot, for instance, would put a tiny amount of red (a person in a red jacket, or a red roof) in a predominantly green landscape. You might not even notice it at first, but cover it up and you can see it does make a difference.

And at the opticians, some of the tests have red and green backgrounds.
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It's Ironic the ad at the bottom of this page is blue and green lmao !!!
I think they look lovely together though , I am experimenting with alot more colour since I lost weight ,I think jewel colours look great together ,I have a purple top that goes lovely with an emerald cardi which I only realised when I had no option one day lol !!


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I wouldn't wear green for years! It was school uniform, aaaaargh! Bottle green knickers :eek:. I love it now tho.


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It was always blue and green should never be seen without a colour inbetween.

Ive never heard of any other rhymes :)

Red and white should never be worn - I cant remember why tho - danger or somethin lol


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we were always told blue and green should never be seen unless there on the fairy queen


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LOL - I've always known the rhyme as 'red and green should never be seen except on the back of the fairy queen'- apparently it's unlucky to wear red and green together.
I've never heard the blue and green rhyme before


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My mother has never worn green in all of her aldult life and she is 90 years old, she says it is very unlucky....I never followed her though, I love green.

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