Is it hard to restart SS after 1 days eating normally?


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Hi there, I am only on day 11 and loving this diet!!! I have lost 15 lbs already and just want to keep on losing :D but I am a bit worried about getting back on SS after xmas day, I am taking xmas day off which I know will kick me straight out of ketosis, is it easy to get back on SS after having a day off?
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i have done this a couple of time the past few weeks
and it isnt that hard
not as hard as when your first starting out
i had a really easy time getting straight back into it


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well rumour has it that the quicker you get back on track the easier it is to slip back into ketosis...

i have heard that the longer you are off the wagon the more your carb stores replenish, so if you are only off wagon for a day as opposed to a week then your glycogen stores will be less and therefore mean getting back into ketosis will be quicker than your average 72 hours...

hope this makes sense...!!!!


So long as you don't go overboard and gorge on Xmas day, it shouldn't be too hard to get back into Keto if you start again straight away on Boxing day morning....... the danger is when you think things like "oh I'll just extend it today as well, there's lots of turkey/stuffing/puds/whatever left over so we'll get it eaten and then I'll start on Saturday....." as once you're out of Keto and those hunger-feelings come back, your little inner voice will be much harder to not listen to.

But I'm sure you'll do fine;
If it was me, I would make a plan of what I was allowing myself to eat on Xmas day (i.e. 2 slices turkey, 1 spoonful of veg, 1 small potato), and stick to it, to try and do some "damage limitation":)

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You have had some great advice here, I think the key is if you are going to take some time off to limit the damage, avoid carbs where possible and get back on asap....also try and keep your water intake up.....good luck!