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Is it me slowing me down ?

I just wanted to put this out there in case anyone had an answer. I have been having relatively consistent weightless but recently in the last 3 weeks I have stayed around the same. I'm still in the BMI obese range so I know I still have far to go. Both weeks I did a sneak peak weigh in midweek and I was losing a pound or more, but by the week end I had stayed the same. I think that in my zeal to get the number on the scale I eat less than 1200 calories on Thursday and Friday - just by not eating as much on these two days, is there a possibility that I'm causing my own slowing down ? :confused:

It's frustrating because I'm exercising four times a week, and doing yoga, and I feel like I'm being robbed of my hard work.

Any ideas?
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The exact same thing happened to me. After a few weeks I started having better loses. Just keep going and don't give up. Perhaps your body is adjusting. Also consider only weighing once a week. Hide the scales!


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I completely agree with Ally.

I very much doubt that one or two days of 1200 cals would make much difference. You're not starving yourself- if you'd said your net cals were under 1000 then sure, you need to eat more.

It's quite possible you are losing inches instead of pounds. I've lost more around my belly and hips than the scale would have me believe! Since you're exercising you may be gaining muscle mass, which is denser than fat (takes up less space for the same amount of weight), so you lost the fat, and gained the muscle!

Just keep going and try not to over-measure. I'm trying to focus on how much fitter I'm getting, rather than the scales or the tape measure!
Thanks for getting back to me.. It is so difficult not to climb on the scales on Saturday and not feel rewarded for the effort being put in. I did eat more this week, carbs and sweeties. I think I was a bit pissed at being told I wasn't eating enough and my body wasn't letting the weight go. ;) I did take my measurements for the first time as well and I'm hoping to use those as a benchmark too. I know it's about fitness and inches not about the number, but I really want to get my BMI down and I know it means the weight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for at least a pound loss this weekend.. but with my vengeful streak I might have to wait until next week.. sigh

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